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  1. Randy M.

    Wellsville Trail Ride 04/19/2009

    Hey guys, we are having a trail ride at the Forbidden Zone on 04-19-2009. We can meet anyone interested in going at the Rest Area on RT 7 between 9:00 and 9:30am. We plan on eating lunch on the trail and will be packing up to head home around 5:30. We will be testing one new truck and mods on...
  2. Randy M.

    Randy's Ring & Pinion Doesn't Do It Again!!!

    Friday (02-27-09) I ordered a differential shim kit and spacer for a customers vehicle. ( I have a small shop as well as my day job). I spoke w/ Aaron Spitzer and he was helpful in finding what I needed but came across as a little cocky. I can handle that, not a big deal but a little annoying...