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  1. 2011 Ranger sport ext. cab 4x4

    Thanks for the info ! I,m not quite sold on the 'new' Rangers,, so been looking for a 2011. Any issues with the 2011 model ? My 1994 has been great.
  2. 2011 Ranger sport ext. cab 4x4

    been looking for a clean 2011 Ranger 4x4 , I have a 2wd 1994 that I bought new. Anyway , I saw this 2011 4x4 ext cab sport 4.0 , auto. for sale near me, 68,000 miles for around $16k. This has those bolt on factory fender flare extenders . Why do some of these...
  3. 1994 Ranger 2wd, moving up to 15" wheels

    Hi, My first post here. My 94 Ranger has the 'Deer Hoof' 14" wheels , and I just bought a set of 15" wheels ,( same style ), as tire options are better. But I forgot to measure the center bore and got 'em home and the 15" center bore is APPROX 1/4" larger ...