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  1. Bray D

    First year with a plow

    I got my hands on an old 7' 6" Western Unimount and modified the frame to work with my truck. We'll see how well it does this winter. Just doing my driveway for now. Nothing commercial by any means. Still clears the headlights, so I could run it down the road if necessary. I drove into...
  2. Bray D

    Toys for Tots - Badlands

    I'll be at the Toys for Tots event at the Badlands in Attica, IN on Dec. 7th. I'm considering signing up for a guided trail run too. I think they're held at Mission Impossible and I've never been there before so it'd be cool to check that out. Anyone been on the 'formal' guided runs at the...
  3. Bray D

    Leaky BW1350M shift shaft

    I've had mine apart multiple times and replaced the oring that seals the manual shift shaft on the BW1350. It seems like I always have a slight leak. Hasn't been a huge issue, but it eats at me. Has anyone got one to seal up? The sealing surface in the case sucks. Ford should've come up with a...
  4. Bray D

    Stortest 12" travel shock-eye to eye

    No I haven't searched. I'm lazy. :thefinger: Thinkin of lowering the back of my truck 1-2 inches to level it back out. I've got rancho 9000's on it now, they're too long with the adjustable valving and such. I just want a cheap, short, 12" travel shock to slap on the rear so I can lower it...
  5. Bray D

    Low idle when cold

    I searched and couldn't find anything (on the first page anyways :D). Everything I found was for high idle. Anyways, upon first startup it idles low, like 6-800rpm until the engine gets up to temp. Once its at temp it idles fine around 1k. Ambient air temp here is ~50-60 degrees. New plugs...
  6. Bray D

    spacer between trans and engine

    I've got one for an auto, but I'm using a manual. I was just gonna cut the inside out of it, so its like 'gasket'. Bolt pattern are the same between the auto and the manual so it'll fit. I figured it was needed for spacing issues. I'd hate for the trans input shaft to bottom out in the crank...
  7. Bray D

    4.0 ecu

    I guess its time I ask. I've searched for a while and it seems there's no straight forward answer. I'm swapping a 97 explorer 4.0 into my 96 ranger, and need an ecu that will work. I assume the year of my truck is irrelevant, since the ECU controls the engine/trans. So I think I need an ECU...
  8. Bray D

    4.0 OHV rebuild kits

    Does anyone make rebuild kits for these engines or do you have to piece one together yourself? I've got the heads at the machine shop right now getting freshened up. What needs to be done to the bottom end? Rings/crank journal bearings/cam bearings/etc? By observation the bottom end looks...
  9. Bray D

    headers with EGR

    I'll admit, I haven't really searched. Hoped you guys would know off the top of your heads. Maybe its a dumb question. I assume most headers are EGR-less. Do any companies make a header with the EGR tube on it?
  10. Bray D

    4.0 cleanup

    Alright guys, I've got the 4.0 out of my donor. It came out of a 94 explorer with an auto, and is going into my 96 ranger with an m5od. I want the swap to go as smooth as possible (duh) so I'd like to remove as much unnecessary crap as possible. What sensors/etc. can toss in the trash without...
  11. Bray D

    3.0 m5od internals in a 4.0 m5od

    How difficult is the swap? I've never had a trans apart before - is it something I could do by myself or is there 200 bucks worth of special tools I'd have to buy? I like to think I'm pretty mechanically apt :D but I have to rationalize the added cost of swapping internals for the lower gear...
  12. Bray D

    3rd Gen steering crossmember

    I've been using this crossmember for a long time as a front tow point. Last weekend I got yanked a bit hard and it damn near ripped the crossmember off. I haven't even taken it completely off to see what I've got to work with yet, but I thought I'd post up to see what other guys have done when...
  13. Bray D

    Bad Mic?

    I'll admit, I'm a CB noob, and haven't really searched. Just though I'd post up and see if you guys could help me out. I'm pretty sure I've got a Cobra 19 radio (I'd have to go check), and have a 102" whip mounted in my bed stake pocket. I can hear everyone else fine, but they can't hear me...
  14. Bray D

    speedo gears

    I swapped a 94 case into my 96 ranger. the 94 had a speedo cable, my 96 does not. Due to this, I just swapped the 96 speedo sensor into the 94 case. When I had the two cases out, I noticed they had different gears on the sensor. I want to say the 94 was a "17" and the 96 was a "19". I put the 94...
  15. Bray D

    BW1354, variation between years

    Just curious, I saw in the tech library, , that there's a difference between the 1995-1998 cases and the 98-00 cases. The only difference is the front output. One has a fixed yoke with a speedo hole, and one has a cup yoke w/o a...
  16. Bray D

    Vacuum Ball

    After the SAS, I removed my inner fenders. This ball was mounted on the inner fender (not my rig) I didn't really want to relocate it so I just placed it on top of my coil bucket. This worked fine but one day wheeling my tire grabbed it, pulled the lines off of it, and crunched the ball. It...
  17. Bray D

    95 chevy 1500 front diff removal

    There's a guy that wants me to do some work on his 95 1500. He thinks there's a bearing goin bad in the front diff. I haven't even looked at the truck, nor do I know what type of suspension it has (I assume IFS). I worked on an F150 last winter and I was able to remove the front diff without...
  18. Bray D

    Winch bumper attachment

    How did you guys attach your winch bumpers on your 3rd gen(93-97) rangers? Did you use the factory bumper brackets? I had a chance to look at a ranger yesterday without the front bumper on, and the brackets didn't look like they'd be up to the abuse that the winch/tow points will put on them. I...
  19. Bray D

    TRS 10 yr anni.

    Did it happen? I've been outta the loop for a while. If so, were's all the pics?
  20. Bray D

    Flat Nasty July 26th

    Posted this at Pirate as well, so if you've already seen it :thefinger: Ok here's my situation. I'm from central IL, and Flat Nasty is ~5.5hr drive. I had already planned to canoe the Current the 24-26th, so I did a little research and found that Flat Nasty is only 16 miles from where I plan to...