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  1. fangotango306

    Sponsor Giveaway Items

    This is awesome. Cant wait.
  2. fangotango306

    crazy idea of 2.5 swap in a 2005

    Sorry i have no ingo to help on a ranger swap
  3. fangotango306

    crazy idea of 2.5 swap in a 2005

    I built an mzr duratec in a focus back in 09-10. Fswerks and massive speed were a big help. They both have great tech guys.
  4. fangotango306

    Daily 84 B2

    Just wanted to show off one of my bronco 2's. Its been my daily since may. Bought it in feb. with a junk 2.8 in it. started working on it first week of april and finished my swap may. 28th. its been my daily since. motors a 302 non-roller with a autolite 2150 2 barrel. trans is a c4 with the...
  5. fangotango306

    Djm I beam issue

    did you order the correct year?p/m DB3001-3 fit 89-97 trucks and the 3002-3 are for the 83-88 trucks. which do you have?
  6. fangotango306

    heavy duty ultra strength cup holders....welding required

    so I have a 93 explorer 5 speed. the cup holders are in the most ridiculous spot ever. the shifter will pretty much hit any size drink you try to put in them, I also hated the arm rest and storage compartment and prefer the pass through design as I sometimes need to crawl into the back seat. so...
  7. fangotango306

    93 explorer, rusted valve covers, where to buy?

    I have a 93 4.0l 5 speed. was going to change my cover gaskets. get it all tore down to find that both valve covers have rust holes in them. where can I order more or is the JY my only option. I seen singles on egay for 40-50. that's $100 for stock steel covers.!!! wth! any input is appreciated...
  8. fangotango306

    back in a rbv soon

    ive been away for quite some time, the b2 in my avatar was traded for a mustang that I parted out for almost double what I paid for the b2. so tomorrow im picking up a new too me 1993 explorer, 4.0L, 5 speed, 4x4. looking forward to it. :headbang:
  9. fangotango306

    slider window to solid swap questions

    ok i have a 91 extended cab that had the rear slider, the cab is gutted currently and i would like to swap to a solid window. i have removed the slider it was bolted in. i know the solid windows are held in by the gasket and not bolts. can i just pull a solid window and gasket out of another...
  10. fangotango306

    Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    this is epic. i want pict"y"res so bad i can taste it.
  11. fangotango306

    new b2; start of a long project.

    picked up this gem a couple weeks ago, '88, 2.9 auto, all stock and all original, 155K miles, no knocks or smoke. even the a/c works. leaks about 6 drops of oil in a week. and 1 trans line is rusted and weeps a bit. day i got it looks like now
  12. fangotango306

    2.9 v6 swap to a 2.3?

    anyone ever swapped out a 2.9 v6 for a 2.3 4 banger. im looking to rid my bronco 2 of the 2.9 and put something else in it. i searched the forums and came up empty, my biggest concern is trans/t-case. what will bolt to the 4 cylinder? i have a 5 speed from a 98 2wd 2.5L truck. can i swap the...
  13. fangotango306

    ????'s on baggin' the ole '64.......

    you can do a link setup on front and back pretty easy. you could get away with a suicide 3 link up front or do a full triangulated 4 link. if you do you bags on your links and chop the stock bumpstops and brackets you can get the front axle to touch the frame. also if im not mistaken the old INT...
  14. fangotango306

    my other truck sort of...

    only have engine pics for now. truck was a 87 b2 4x4. now its 2wd via a chopped up straight axle. 302/c6 trans. manual steering box and a ton of new parts. once finished hopefully in the next 3 months, should be a pretty nasty little street truck. questions and comments welcome.
  15. fangotango306

    finally got some pics. not updated though.

    this is my dd/toy. 1991 4.0L 5 speed. flowmaster hushpower cat back. manual hub conversion. not much of the interior left save a custom center console. 4 130W lights. water proofed most of the wiring. snorkeled (not pictured). 2 inch PA body lift. trimmed front bumper. painted with rustoleum...
  16. fangotango306

    4x4 B2 to 2wd?

    has anyone done a 4x4 to 2wd swap? planning on doing a street truck out of a b2 i picked up cheap and its 4 wheel drive. plans as of now are a carbed 302, 5 speed, and a nice static drop. nothing crazy. as far as i can tell it looks like i will have to get a 2wd ranger crossmember as i already...
  17. fangotango306

    started going to the gym, need advice

    eat smaller meals more often.....i lost 3" of gut on my last deployment which was only 4 months, doing an hour of cardio a day and just eating better. lots of fruit , and tuna and chicken was pretty much all i ate. if you drink soda/energy drinks and you can stop you will drop like 10lbs quick too.
  18. fangotango306

    Canuck Motorsports?

    i had the 2" drop springs on my 99 2wd a banger, no complaining from me. they were good coils handled great, i rocked em for over 2 years on crappy roads and never really had a problem. you will need some camber adjusters and an alignment after the drop.
  19. fangotango306

    New to me 91 xplo

    just bought a 1991 explorer 4 door 5spd, 4.0L for $600. the guy said it sat for a few months, so i threw in one of my optimas and an new batt cable and she fire right up. only things that dont work are the ac and 4x4...ordering manual hubs and a new t-case motor. should have pics tomorrow. going...
  20. fangotango306

    whats special about 88 eddie bauer B2?

    i just found one, 1988 bronco 2 eddie bauer, 2.9L automatic trans, 4x4. its been sitting for over a year. its showing 55808 on odometer and i think it may be original, not too much wear on interior or anywhere else. has no rust at all. looks to have factory installed spare on the back. the gas...