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  1. unable to find a new tps

    so basically my tps bit the dust and i can’t find a replacement. everything i can find online looks like the ones on the left but my truck has one like the ones on the left. can i put a new conector in the wiring harness? I can not locate this part anywhere online or in stores. Any advice?
  2. 88 2.3 exhaust popping when accelerating

    Just swapped a 2.3 into my 88 and it’s lacking power. Shifting into second causes popping in the exhaust. The timing is set correctly. New fuel pumps filters and the injectors. Any ideas?
  3. Where does the vapor canister connect to the throttle body

    Hi. I’m completely stumped on where this plastic tube connects to the throttle body. My truck is an 88 with a 2.3 efi and any pictures or diagrams would be great help.