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  1. pjtoledo

    more pics

    no, that would be a W-I-F-E I have over 45 years of research to back that up.
  2. pjtoledo

    Hey from Maine!

    friendly F.I.Y. your 8.8 rear axle might have the big tubes and outer bearings,,,,but inside the carrier is only 28 splines. also the shafts are slightly shorter than some previous years.
  3. pjtoledo

    "new" member + pictures

    just watched the video,, where are the training classes?
  4. pjtoledo

    new member augusta, ga

    Augusta eh? is Ft Gordon still active? permission to board granted
  5. pjtoledo

    Hello from Colorado

    I like your ideas. go for it and keep us posted. on behalf of all the Ranger owners in the great salty rust belt,,,,,"we hate you" :icon_thumby:
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    Hello from Michigan

    it appears the welcoming committee is a bit lacking for Michigan. say something about a 2.9 engine, good or bad, and you'll get a few responses.
  7. pjtoledo

    Radiator support rust.

    it will go far beyond removing both fenders. rust never gives us an easy fix. I would advise against welding something solid between the body and frame. since there needs to be some flex that will force something else to bend & break.
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    fluid film. it does spread and creep into seams & joints. I have it applied in the late fall. there are other products similar to fluid film.
  9. pjtoledo

    right parts, great service. bed bolt kit

    heads are a bit lower profile. hex hole is 8mm or 5/16".
  10. pjtoledo

    right parts, great service. bed bolt kit

    Kudo's to RockAuto. ordered these yesterday at about noon, arrived this morning via standard shipping. Dorman 924-310, total plus taxes & shipping about $61. they are larger than stock, about 14mm or 9/16" they do come with the usual Prop 65 warning, so don't have sex with them in California.
  11. pjtoledo

    ABS Light

    put the O'scope on and monitor as you turn the wheel slowly by hand. then compare to the other wheel at same speed. if the amplitude is different try moving the trigger ring closer to the sensor to increase it.
  12. pjtoledo

    Can't find this steering knuckle has a couple hundred listed in the Midwest. '99 RH
  13. pjtoledo

    2021 Bronco = Spring board to the 2023 Ranger

    and because said excursion was done on a budget, they obviously took......... the Econoline
  14. pjtoledo

    2021 Bronco = Spring board to the 2023 Ranger

    no. it's a Roxor
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    NOTICE Welcome New Moderators....

    I assume you're speaking from experience?:secret:
  16. pjtoledo

    NOTICE Welcome New Moderators....

    I vote nerves. my right arm tingles and goes numb if held in certain positions. rotating the shoulder brings it back in a few seconds. or maybe parasites. disclaimer, I'm not as doctor but I read the internet a lot.
  17. pjtoledo

    Lower intake gasket popping out repeatedly near crank position syncronizer

    I'll comment on just one of your concerns. do not re-torque bolts that have thread locking compound. pics of the blow out may help.
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    Just curious/ need permission to post something

    I think if you do @Jim Oaks it will take you directly to the forum owner. reply to a thread with @Jim Oaks will send it to him.
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    Ranger differentiel

    neither of those are ratcheting differentials. modern ratcheting differentials are available for many axles.
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    latest tech in electric vehicles