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  1. blkmazda90

    I bought a C$%#ro*&$

    Hey guys, I havent been on for a while. Landed a new job and been working alot. In the past weeks I bought a 2000 chevy silverado 4x4:blush: with the 5.3 with 117,000 miles. I paid 6,000 bucks for it. I love it so far. I also scrapped both my mazdas. One had a blown rear end and the...
  2. blkmazda90

    Parts Truck

    My buddy has the same exact truck as me but his has 285,000 miles on it and the transfer case just went to shit. So i got it off him for 350 bucks. Its a 95 mazda b2300 5 speed 4x4 locking hubs and manual transfer case. It runs good. trannys good. I need the spindles and some other shit...
  3. blkmazda90

    Ford Dealership

    So I went into ford to see my normal part guy and get a splined washer that holds axle shaft out to reach the hub. the one that grabs the snap ring. Well anyways I see that the guys not there and theres some retard behind a counter that doesnt have a clue. First i tell him what I need. He...
  4. blkmazda90

    Rear Driveshaft

    ok well I have the rear drive shaft with the constant velocity joint with the two u-joints and it needs to be replaced. i bought the kit and the 3 U joints today. has anyone ever change one these joints before?? Any info would be of help?
  5. blkmazda90

    Tranny fluid change

    Last night i finally decided to replace the gear oil in my tranny with ATF (the correct fluid) I got so pissed off trying to squeeze the bottle between the body, frame, driveshaft and whatever else was fucking me up and the fill hole. tried putting hose on and squeezing it up but it slipped...
  6. blkmazda90


    I just started a welding training course through my highschool. The reason I'm doing it is so when i get out of high school at least I'll have numerous options for jobs. Anyway, welding is fun if you do it every once in a while. But if you do it every day it must get old fast. Fumes suck...
  7. blkmazda90

    Clutch problem

    I bought my truck a year ago with the tranny, driveshaft, and what was left of the clutch in the bed for 400 bucks. (a steal i thought) I put the new clutch in and slave cylinder etc. i didnt replace the master. Put a new line on. (owner cut it) dipshit about 3 months ago the slave cylinder...
  8. blkmazda90

    Best Ranger

    I was thinking about getting a newer truck when i get out of school and work full time. I love my truck to death but it has had the piss pounded out of it and I see no hope for it:sad: I want a compact truck and I like the ranger. I was just curious which of the newer rangers is the best...
  9. blkmazda90

    Big Test

    I got a big test coming up monday the 4th. Im taking the written exam for my class A permit. Program I'm taking through highschool. It was free and its a good thing to have since it cost 5 to 6 grand to get it at a school. Plus it's just awesome driving big rigs:icon_thumby: haha..anyway...
  10. blkmazda90

    Dana 35 housing but dana 28 components

    working on a buddies truck and the front differential is a dana 35 housing but dana 28 components inside. What exactly did ford gain by this? Money saver? Just curious. Truck was a 95 ranger 2.3l 4 cylinder
  11. blkmazda90


    Today me and one of my buddies were leaving school and heading to the store. We go about 4 miles and we heard a clank or knock. It was weird. I brushed it off like it was nothing. get to the store and are ready to leave drive a half mile and the whole truck swings to the right and making...
  12. blkmazda90

    Headache rack

    Anybody know of any sites or some place to get good deals on headache racks?
  13. blkmazda90

    Pinion bearing

    missing 4wd at this point i do not have 4wd. Been driving through the snow with my new tires and my two truck tires with the old 3 piece rims in the bed. Actually doesnt do bad but i miss my 4wd. anyways i believe that the pinion bearing is junk and could probably use a new set of my lock in...
  14. blkmazda90

    Cab mount hunt

    the cab mount on my truck(mounts cab to frame) rotted through 6 months ago. Ive called every salvage yard i luck.. a dealer one is 130 just for the frame. Ive been tight on money, so avoided that. Any ideas where i can get my hands on something like that or am i just gonna have to...
  15. blkmazda90

    picture help

    hey just wondering how to put a pic up of my it shows up under my name on posts..thanks
  16. blkmazda90


    can anyione see my posts i think its fucked up
  17. blkmazda90

    rattling in front end

    My truck has been doing this for a while..when i drive down the road and hit just the littlest bumps something in the fron t end rattles...Ive replaced bearings and ball joints..looked over..i dont have a damn the way my old name on here was 95blkmazda if anyone remembers. Any ideas????
  18. blkmazda90

    rattling in front end old name was 95blkmazda if anyone remembers...anyways i got some rattling in the front end when i hit bumps..ive checked bearings ball joints and looked it clueless..any ideas
  19. blkmazda90

    Rattling in front end

    New here...old username was 95blkmazda if anyone question is if you guys would have a clue of what could cause clunking in the front end. when i hit bumps is when it does it..kind of a rattling..2 new ball wheel bearings..ive looked i dont have a clue....any ideas