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  1. masanders

    Semi Truck Ranger

    I was browsing through Custom Offsets Ranger gallery and came upon this gem. Though you guys would like to take a look at it. Semi Truck Ranger
  2. masanders

    Just need to vent...

    2000 Ranger 2.5L RWD MT Friday afternoon my truck died. Thought it was the starter, but its good. Any electrical tests have been done and all have come back as good (to the best of my measuring ability. I’ve known for a while that the clutch, pressure plate, and all related equipment needed to...
  3. masanders

    Idle surge issues

    2000 Ranger XLT RWD 2.5L My engine will raise the rpms while driving to 2000 and generally get stuck there for a few seconds until the rpms go back down or I dang near stall it on purpose to get rpms down. I’ve tested the IAC, IAT, TPS, and MAF. Every sensor changes the idle when unplugged...
  4. masanders

    ‘02 Explorer seats

    I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I have a 2000 Ranger XLT (regular cab) and bought ‘02 Explorer seats (4 door) to go in it. They were in the best condition of any seat there at the JY. Most didn’t even have seats. I started cutting the brackets off of the donor seats and I was...
  5. masanders

    Fender bolt torque specs?

    Just had to take my fenders off just enough to get to the rain channel exits. Had to flush them out. What are the torque specs for the fender bolts? I can’t find that information in my Haynes manual.
  6. masanders

    Anybody know anything about this truck?

    I’m loving this wheel/tire combo, but there’s no info about the setup. On the user is 6927fx. If anyone can help I’d appreciate it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. masanders

    Dim LED bulbs in cluster post swap

    Ok. So I did a complete LED swap in my 2000 Ranger, but it’s using a 2000 Sport Trac cluster. So far the lights look great. In this pic only the main illumination lights are on and the ABS light too. Now that I’ve hooked the cluster back up I’m seeing the parking brake light, airbag light, and...
  8. masanders

    161 bulbs for HVAC led upgrade

    2000 Ford Ranger XLT Alright, so I’m trying to upgrade my HVAC bulbs to LEDs. The bulbs themselves are 161 bulbs. said they were 194. No dice on fitment. 194 is too big, 74 are just a hair small on the base and I can’t find a 161 led bulb online. I swore on my 2006...
  9. masanders

    masanders’s 2000 Ranger Build

    Hey guys! I figured I’d start the beginning of a build thread for my truck. Things will go slowly, but I’d rather take a long time and get it right than rush. This was my Father’s truck. A 2000 Ford Ranger XLT with a 2.5L and MT. I’ve been with this truck since the start. The day my dad...
  10. masanders

    SOLD '00 Explorer Seats and tracks

    Drivers and Passenger seats. Asking $250 OBO. I bought them used from a guy saying they were from a '00 2DR Explorer. I cleaned them the best i could, but might need more TLC. PM me for pics. Can't for the life of me get this computer to upload them. Seats currently in Greenville, SC...
  11. masanders

    '00 Ranger interior parts

    EVERY PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE!!! I'm really just guessing on how much these are going to go for. Main thing is for them to go. Storage pocket/airbag switch trim: $20 Shift Boot: $20 Items currently in Greenville, SC
  12. masanders

    Explorer/Mountaineer console

    I recently put in my "new" console after finishing the paint job. Was going to swap my seats for Explorer seats, but I had issues swapping the tracks. Instead I did the 60/40 conversion which was easier than I thought it would be. Here are all the pics i remembered to take. I don't...
  13. masanders

    DIY Shift Boot

    Does anybody have any templates/instructions/advice for making your own shift boot? I'm putting in an Explorer console in my '00 Ranger MT and I have a ton of marine grade vinyl left over from reupholstering the lid. I'd rather not buy a $40+ one when I've got materials here for free. Thanks!
  14. masanders

    Black Widow Exhaust

    Anybody put a Black Widow muffler on their Ranger? It sounds wicked on YouTube! Thinking of putting one (not sure which one) on me 2.5L 2000 Ranger.
  15. masanders

    Universal Lund Steps

    One pair of universal Lund truck steps with brackets and hardware. My dad had these on his truck (see pic) many years ago. In good condition and sturdy. $125 for everything OBO Shipping and local pickup available. In Greenville, SC. *Truck NOT for sale. Pic for reference.*
  16. masanders

    Tie Rod Ends

    2 brand new, still in original packaging tie rod ends for: 98-03 Explorer 98-11 Ranger 01-03 Mazda B2300 98-01 Mazda B2500 98-04 Mazda B3000 98-04 Mazda B4000 98-03 Mercury Mountaineer $20 Shipping available Currently in Greenville, SC Sent from my protocol droid near Coruscant.
  17. masanders

    Gauge cluster harness pinout?

    Hey guys. Can y'all point me in the right direction? I've been searching the net and forums for gauge cluster harness pinouts for an 01 Sport Trac. All I've found so far are in the following pics. The goal is to swap out my black face cluster for the white face one. Thanks for any...
  18. masanders

    CD/Cassette/Radio from 2000 Ford Ranger

    Switched up to a double din touchscreen and don't need the factory radio anymore. Works great and sounds good too! Not looking to get much for it...$75 or best offer. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  19. masanders

    ABS light coming on after tire slippage.

    Why would the ABS light come on after losing traction? Example: it's raining here and I like to floor it from a stop to break traction. The ABS light comes on and doesn't reset until I turn engine off. Is that its intended function? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  20. masanders

    Oil gauge

    When I start my truck, mainly in this freezing weather, the oil pressure gauge doesn't move. It'll stay down until the engine warms up and then once I blip the throttle it reads somewhere in the middle. Bad sensor? Bad sending unit? Cold weather? Anyone got an idea? Sent from my...