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  1. 3.0 distributor to 3.0 coil fired

    I'm trying to find out if the only thing I need to swap from a 94 distributor 3.0 to a 01 coil fired 3.0 is the cam sinc and the crank trigger? Some more knowledgeable info on this would be greatly appreciated. Only reason for this swap is the donor engine is free and I'm off work on short...
  2. Code b1318

    I've recently started having a stumble between gears things I have replaced are cam sync, coil, plug, wires, idle air sensor, tps. I had my truck scanned yesterday and it pulled a b1318 code. I replaced the battery yesterday. I plan to check my outgoing voltage on my alternator after work. I...
  3. v8 swap in 03 coil spring ranger motor mounts??

    Im trying to locate the info on the way to do the mounts everything I have read has been unclear. I get that I need the sohc v6 mounts but who makes the plates and where can I find them? Or who has a file they can email me?? Thanks in advance. Roger