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  1. Carbon cleaner and injector cleaner that actually freaking works

    I use Seafoam. Has always worked well for me. You can even put a little bit in the oil just before an oil change.
  2. Carbon cleaner and injector cleaner that actually freaking works

    Okay, so if I read that right you used two different products. Which one works?
  3. A/C & Power Steering Bracket Removal

    Finally got back to it. For some reason Ford thought it necessary to use 5 bolts to hold the A/C-Power Steering Pump bracket on! Two of which are REALLY hard to spot.
  4. '93 2.3L Timing Belt Broke

    Thanks for the insight guys. After I got the center bolt loose, the pully hub came right off. I used a pipe wrench (pics below) with the handle pinned against the steering linkage to hold the crank. Interesting observation, one of the four bolts for the hub line up with the keyway. It...
  5. '93 2.3L Timing Belt Broke

    Any tips for getting this type of crank pully removed?
  6. A/C & Power Steering Bracket Removal

    1993 2.3L they share the same mount.
  7. A/C & Power Steering Bracket Removal

    Any tips for removing the A/C - Power Steering bracket from a '93 2.3L? I have three bolts out and can't see any more.
  8. Converting from Power to Manual

    Thinking about converting 2.3l to manual steering. What will I need besides the box to make the change?
  9. Oil everywhere...….

    Whe the timing belt broke on my 93 2.3, I had to turn the wheel several times to get it turned around and pointed back to the house. Today, while lust looking around under the hood, I noticed several things were wet on the drivers side of the engine bay. There was a puddle of fluid in the...
  10. AC compressor bracket

    I am trying to do the same thing.
  11. '93 2.3L Timing Belt Broke

    Getting ready to change out a broken timing belt. It let go at about 30mph while decelerating to a stop. Should I be concerned about internal damage to pistons? Does anyone know the built in advance of the cam?
  12. Hypothetically taking a 2.3L back in time.
  13. DJM 4" Flip kit ACTUAL drop?

    Thanks, 2Krngr. Had the alignment done and everything is in spec but it still pulls right a bit. I do have to replace the sway bar link on the passenger side but not sure if that will make a difference.
  14. Source for New Transmission Crossmember

    Worked great. I have seen others talk about having to drill one hole but I didn't have to. All three bolts lined up on the passenger side and the hole in the bottom of the frame on the drivers side was already there.
  15. Source for New Transmission Crossmember

    Found one. A local yard had a NICE one from a '94 Explorer. Now just have to get the old crap cut off.
  16. Clueless about lowering

    Change out the cinch bolts for the camber/caster bushing to grade 8. The ones they provide stripped out easily.
  17. Transmission Crossmember

    So, these "L" shaped x-members can be found on 91-94 Explorers and various Rangers up to mid 90's? Any certain clues (options) to know which rangers might have this one? Needing to do this swap out of necessity.
  18. Source for New Transmission Crossmember

    Looking for a source or two for getting a new trans crossmember for my 93 2.3l 5-speed. Anyone ever have to shop for one of these? Tried LMC Truck and no luck. Mine is rusted through the side where the rubber passes through on the drivers side.
  19. Starter randomly engages rough.

    Yup, ring gear messed up BAD. Going to replace the whole flywheel as it is not much more $$$ than just the gear. My Crossmember is bad though. Anyone have any sources for a new one? No luck on Summit or LMC Truck.