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  1. dangeranger01

    Have you parked on a Jeep lately?

    Ok, so I come out of work to go to lunch and a friend thinks it will be funny to park his tire up agains my rock slider so I cant get in the truck. On top of that I couldnt get my truck out cause he was in my spot, so I locked in the ol' hubs and drove over his jeep, lol. The jeep is on 37s and...
  2. dangeranger01

    Centralia Wa meet pics.

    These pics are from Shane (Fx4wannabe01) We had alot of fun, everyone was very cool. I hope to meet up with them again soon. 02oregonedge+ has the stock looking black on black truck. Its got a 4L with an M90 supercharger on it. It was very cool. 02oregonedge+ DisturbedESV...
  3. dangeranger01

    Grrrrrrr trees.

    Was cruisin through the woods last night at a spot we go to play at. Only have 2wd due to a broken front axle. So with that and a little influence from PBR im bombing down some trail then bang, a tree jumped right out in front of me putting a few big cracks in my windshield. Now I gotta put a...
  4. dangeranger01

    New project.

    Just picks up a running and driving Exploder for $300 today. Plans are to make it how the Ranger was before the SAS. Im gonna do leveling springs and my home made 1" BL. Cut the fenders and run the 33s. Should come out good. Dont laugh, the running boards are coming off tomorrow and some 235s...
  5. dangeranger01

    Broke axle what next?

    Broke a RF axle today on the Ranger. Pissis me off it broke on only the second trip out. Glad I had a locker in the front so I could get out. So I was gonna buy ReidRacing knuckles and highsteer but now im debating buying Chromo axles, and CTMs instead. What do you guys think? Should I just say...
  6. dangeranger01

    Any coon hunters?

    Im kinda wired and just got home from a night of coon hunting and was wondering if anyone else was into it?
  7. dangeranger01

    WTF are people thinking?

    Ok, so I watch [Adult Swim] every night. Well they have a few new shows that piss me off. Like "Drinky Crow"?!?!?! and "Tim and Erics Good Show Great Job" who the hell comes up with this crap. It is retarded, and there is no reason to waste everyone who watches its time. Its late I cant sleep...
  8. dangeranger01

    First outing

    Took the truck out for the first time after the SAS. I was very impressed it did better than I expected it to. I got to play in rocks, snow, mud, and some clear cuts. I have some vids but my phone wont send then to the net. Well here is some pics.
  9. dangeranger01

    Just a little flex

    Its amazing what you can do with a front locker. The truck just crawls right up whatever you want it to.
  10. dangeranger01

    Dangeranger SAS done!!!

    Its done and driving, I love it. The 5.13s are great, I can cruise in 5th gear now everywhere. I will get more pics later.
  11. dangeranger01

    Ranger fullwidths

    So im going full widths on the Ranger. I have 5.13s, 14" Airshocks, AussieLocker, and some other fancy new stuff. Should have the axles all done on sunday then im taking a week off work to get everything all done. I was gonna wait to post till its done. But just couldnt wait im excited. I have...
  12. dangeranger01

    Pics of my Mustang

    My mustang and what happend last night....
  13. dangeranger01

    Quick dana44 Q

    Are the outter Cs cast stel or cast iron? the radius arms are cast steel so they can be welded to like normal. but are the Cs?
  14. dangeranger01

    My first time at the track with the stang.

    Dont laugh, lol. This was at Portland International Raceway in Portland, OR, and it was 92 degrees out. My first run was the best at 13.6 @ 105mph. My 60' time was 2.2 :banghead: But with 18s and street tires I cant expect much better. The car has 3.08 gears wich is soon to chang and stock...
  15. dangeranger01

    Check it out, Explorer seats.

    I got some bucket seats and center consel outta an Exploder. Just had to change the tracks on the seats. The consel was kinda a pain to put in but not to bad. I didnt get pics long the way cause I no longer have a camera. But any ways here is a crappy cell phone pic.
  16. dangeranger01

    New rear bumper

    Well after getting tired of bending the rear bumper into the bed all the time I decided to build a new one. I cut the lower bed sides off and went for a tube design. Its not done yet but getting close so heres some pics. I replced the rearcross member with a piece of 2"x4" .250 wall square...
  17. dangeranger01

    New wheels!!!!!!!!!

    So I got fed up with my truck shaking from having four bent wheels. So threw on a set of Mickey Thompsons(sp). Got them off a friends X, he went back to stock wheels with MTRs. Well heres some pics. Oh I also cut the bed sides and built a new rear bumper thats not done yet. But more pics of that...
  18. dangeranger01

    Not much

    to show off, just some new clear headlights and corners. Tell me what you guys think, im still not to sure yet if i like them or not. The stock ones got broken so i cant put them back in.
  19. dangeranger01

    Played in the sand a little

    So we went to the beach and played a little. My friend broke the pinion off of his 98 Taco and i bowed out both front fenders on mine. I tried to hit a quad jump at about 25mph or so. Well it was dark and tapered togather at the end. So the front tires hit two strait up pieces of sand about 2ft...
  20. dangeranger01

    Snow pics

    We went up in the snow tonight and had a blast. Took a friend in his X who had never been wheelin it was fun. Well heres some pics. I will put some vids up in the morning, cause its 1:21am right now, lol. Enjoy!!! Me breaking trail for use. My friends X stuck, lol. Heres some deeper snow...