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  1. adsm08

    Rebuilding an 8.8, IRS vs solid axle.

    Ok, so I don't really do diffs or gears. I'm not afraid to go into them, but the need to rebuild or replace gears in the dealership has not been high in the last 10 years, and I do mostly drivability stuff. But the Explorer's rear needs a rebuild. The pinion bearings are loud (no play yet) and...
  2. adsm08

    Single Flared Brake Line

    Would you trust a single flaring where a double should be? I had a blow out at the end of the day at work, my tool wouldn't bite the steel line hard enough to smash the first stage, so I just ran the cone down to get something the nut could bite to so I could get the line down and get home to...
  3. adsm08

    Mustang Tires

    So the Mustang needs tires. I am having ideas in my head-brain.... Does anyone know if a Fox body Mustang can fit 215/75/15s? I'm thinking it would look pretty good with some BFG All Terrains.
  4. adsm08


    This auto censor is ridiculous. Is there any way to adjust it so that we can use the term r e t a r d? This is a legitimate automotive term that is involved in spark and cam timing, and from what I've seen over the years that's the only context it is ever used in on this site.
  5. adsm08

    Low pressure 12V pump

    So I have this whacky hydraulic lift pump on my lawn mower. Its a pretty simple belt-driven unit, but it is old, worn, damaged, and I can't keep shaft seals in it. Since the installation of this unit removed a lot of parts for the manual lift system it came with originally, and its an old mower...
  6. adsm08

    2020 Explorer

    So apparently, according to the new model trainings, the Explorer is going back to being rear wheel drive. I guess they saw the error of their ways.
  7. adsm08

    M5OD parts for sale

    I have a bunch of M5OD guts for sale. I have a whole 4-cylinder case $30 2wd tail housing $20 Will sell both as a set for $40 Good input shaft $50 Bare 2wd output shaft $50 Counter shaft $75 Top plate/shifter assembly $25 4.0 gear set with 10-tooth 5/R blocker rings. OD side of shift...
  8. adsm08

    Need transport in CO Springs

    I'm gonna be in Colorado Springs in a few weeks, and I'm looking at either renting a car or buying something cheap to use for a week and then sticking my sister with selling it again. Must seat 4, needs to run and drive, as it may have to run from CO Springs to Denver twice in that week, and...
  9. adsm08

    Ford Ranger Collector's Club

    So my relatively new involvement in the Wheel Horse community and my proximity to that Society of Oddfellows big show (seriously, they are as bad as us, or worse) has gotten me thinking. Those guys have internet forums, we have internet forums. They have a big show every year that people come...
  10. adsm08

    Wheel Horse Mower

    Ok, so I have (well my dad has) owned a few of these things from the 80s, so I know the ins and outs of the later ones, and I've been looking for one of my own to replaced my 2011 Juan Deer, not just because I like them better, but because attachment devices are plentiful and cheap, while stuff...
  11. adsm08

    Signal injector

    So I have found myself in a situation caused partly because I wasn't careful enough, and partly because someone else didn't follow my instructions. I have two dogs on an invisible fence. When the fence was installed three years ago I told the installers to run the perimeter wire along the edge...
  12. adsm08

    Master Cylinder

    Looking for a OE or direct fit replacement for an 86 to 89 Ranger/B2.
  13. adsm08

    Coolant Issues

    So I have been chasing my tail for a few months now trying to figure out where all my coolant goes from my Bronco II. I have found and fixed a few leaks, but it was still disappearing. It would always stop loosing it right at the level of the bottom of the heads, and the recovery tank was always...
  14. adsm08

    Insuring a heated garage

    Does anyone have their garage/shop heated and insured, and your insurance knows about it? I have a wood stove for the garage, meant to be used as a secondary for when the kerosene heater doesn't keep up, but nobody wants to touch this, even as a secondary source, which seems odd to me because...
  15. adsm08

    Urgent help, need wiring diagrams.

    I am working on a 2011 Chrysler Town and Country, and I need the diagram showing the wire colors involved in the fuel pump relay and pump itself, if it even exists. This is information that Chrysler seems to have not bothered to write down, let alone issue in any sort of publication, as I...
  16. adsm08

    Bosch oil pressure gauge noise

    This one is kinda comical to me, but I wanted to see if anyone else has had this experience before changing the unit out. Yesterday I installed a set o Bosch mechanical gauges in my B2 because most of my factory ones are not wired up ATM. I have the same set in my Ranger and love them. Right...
  17. adsm08 Website Issues

    I can't find a customer support thing on the actual website, so I'm going to leave this here, and hope someone from Rock sees it to address the problem. I am having issues ordering parts through their website. I am logged in to my account, I am sure I am entering the payment info correctly, but...
  18. adsm08

    Dirty rotten stinking piece of C4 garbage!!!!!

    So I am clearly not happy with an automatic transmission, not something new. I am bringing the 64 Mustang project to the home stretch. I got the engine running a few weeks ago, filled the tranny fluid and started putting the trans through it's paces with the rear on jack stands. It went forward...
  19. adsm08

    Dimpling Exhaust Pipe

    Ok, so my moms Mustang is in the final stages. Right now I am trying to finalize the exhaust. Flex pipes have gotten my most of the way there, but I am stuck at one spot. The car is a 64.5 Mustang, with a 302 swapped in and long-tube tri-y headers. The issue I am running into is at the end of...
  20. adsm08

    GM 6T40 trans

    Does anyone know anything about these transmissions, or why they blow up? If I understand it correctly this is GM's version of the joint project with Ford that turned into the 6F35, but I don't recall seeing the same types of failures in those transmissions. And I was the guy who pulled the...