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  1. icetherice

    Volvo V70 fan blowing fuses

    Well she's only got about 12,000 miles on her so I hope blowby isn't too bad yet haha ;) Did a compression test last week with 150 across the board. Thanks again for your prompt responses, Ron (y)
  2. icetherice

    Volvo V70 fan blowing fuses

    Very true. Maxi fuse did the trick, 30amp relay hasn't welded itself shut yet, gonna keep the 40amp on hand though. Pics included. Bonus picture of my catch can setup, works pretty well, started catching fluid the first day.
  3. icetherice

    Volvo V70 fan blowing fuses

    Wow really... I have the fan that had the PWM control module attached to it. I cut that off and wired it direct. I just picked up an 8awg blade-type maxi fuse holder, a 30 and 40 amp maxi fuse, and a 40 amp relay.
  4. icetherice

    Volvo V70 fan blowing fuses

    Thanks Ron, I forgot about inrush current. I'm currently running an ATG fuse so that makes sense. Do you think my 30 amp relay going to survive the initial surge of current..or do I need to source something beefier.
  5. icetherice

    Volvo V70 fan blowing fuses

    This might be in the wrong section but I didn't see a section dedicated to cooling so I figured I'd post here. I hacked in a fan from a V70 today and wired it accordingly with a 30 amp relay to a switch. Every time I try to hit the fan it smokes the fuse. Is this fan too much for a 30 amp...
  6. icetherice

    DJM 4/5 won't align??

    It rotates, just not very much. It's racked all the way inboard in that picture. I suppose I could alter the bolts and cam washers to allow more movement if I find that full range is obstructed somehow. I'll mess with it soon..planning to cut a coil from the front and block the rear or something...
  7. icetherice

    DJM 4/5 won't align??

    I haven't addressed the issue, been busy with work and travel. Did you solve it?
  8. icetherice

    OBDII delete? '66 289 into a '00 153

    In the process of building up a 289 engine, carb'd. Wondering what speedbumps I'll run into shoehorning it into an OBDII chassis....anyone have experience?
  9. icetherice

    Rich Condition, Sticky TPS, Datalogs

    Few months back a new MAF solved my P0171. Now I have a P0172. I think HO2S1 is finally kicking the bucket because I've gotten many more 'dropped voltage' spikes. The anomaly I was seeing last time I played with my datalogger when I was chasing the lean condition. Going to drop the whole...
  10. icetherice

    Torn between swap and turbo

    My 2.5L has about 8k on it now and I want more power. I have a 289 block and heads in the shop right now but I'm starting to look lustfully at the Hahn 20g-TD05H sitting on my shelf. I'm not going to ask permission to run three atmospheres of boost on hypereutectics and stock 2.5 rods, just...
  11. icetherice

    DJM 4/5 won't align??

    I installed: DJM LCAs, UCAs, 2" drop coils, end links NAPA part #264-2953 camber/caster kit DJM Rear Flip Kit Energy Suspension Poly bushings in rear leaves/shackles. Calmax Shocks all around. My final alignment numbers (that aren't in spec): Driver's Front +1.6* camber +5.3* caster...
  12. icetherice

    The ranger 'lean'...swap the leafs?

    In the middle of installing the 4/5 DJM drop so I have the rear all apart. I've read a bit about the ranger lean over time and I'm wondering if there's any merit to exchanging the driver's and passenger's side leaf springs in order to kind of...balance out 18 years of imbalanced load. I plan...
  13. icetherice

    Asymmetric Engine Mounts (kind of urgent)

    I purchased two engine mounts from RA part #A2853, everywhere I look claims that the engine mounts for the 2000 2.5l rwd 5spd are symmetric, yet the ones that are on my truck are not..they look much different from one another. It's currently hanging from the crane that doesn't stay up...
  14. icetherice

    Lurker finally raises his hand for P0171

    Hi all, first post, glad to be here :icon_thumby: I spent a long time lurking this forum and have found a lot of good information here. I finally ran into a problem I need a few opinions on. Long story short: I built this engine in my garage from the rings up using information that I primarily...