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  1. Daniel Black

    Fuel pump help!

    Anyone using the Econoline mechanical fuel pump have pictures or specs on the fittings? Says it's 1/8-27 NPSF. I had a straight fitting I found in an old carburetor but the gas line is in the fan now that I removed the fan spacer after I destroyed the radiator and old fan. I found a 1/8 NPT to...
  2. Daniel Black

    Any machinist on here?

    I've been driving my swapped Ranger for a while now and it runs pretty good. Definitely better than any stock Ranger I've drove but I'm running a pretty much stock carbed 302 and I'm looking for more. I planned on building another 302 or maybe 289 over the winter and swapping it in the spring...
  3. Daniel Black

    Rear gear choices?

    I run a toploader 4-speed in my 2wd 302 truck. This truck is a daily driver. I currently use my stock 7.5 with 3.73 gears and it just feels like too much gear. I have an 8.8 with 3.08 gears and a 4.10 gear set I was going to have swapped out. Ten years ago I'd of went with the 4.10 or more but...
  4. Daniel Black

    No option Ranger?

    My '87 Ranger is a base model truck, but how base? It's a standard cab, short bed 2WD. It was a 2.0, 5-speed. It has MS, MB, no A/C, solid back glass, 2-speed wipers w/o delay, factory radio delete and not even a cigarette lighter, which is something I've never seen on a 1st gen Ranger. It does...
  5. Daniel Black

    Fan hit radiator!!

    I've put almost 300 miles on my 302 swapped '87 Ranger. The other day I really packed it into a left hand turn and heard something rattle, then I saw the steam. Has anyone else had this problem? It had enough clearance the first 300 miles, what happened? I had a basic 1-row radiator from a '90...
  6. Daniel Black

    V8 screwed up alignment

    I've been using my '87 2wd 302 as a daily driver for a while now and the steering was very heavy. My truck has manual steering and still has the 2.0 springs up front and stock suspension. The truck is squatted in the front with the tires cambered in at the top. I figured this squat had the toe...
  7. Daniel Black

    Anyone else using a toploader 4-speed?

    Anyone with a 4-speed? Did you bend the shifter or buy an aftermarket handle? With the shifter on the outside of the trans it's too far towards the left hand side of the cab. My reverse is all the way left and up and I can't even get my leg to the gas pedal.
  8. Daniel Black

    2g alternator harness

    The 2.3 I pulled from my '87 for a 302 swap had a brand new 2g alternator on it that I want to reuse but it wont reach. The 2.3 mounts on the drivers side. I've heard V6 Rangers had the alt on the pass. side. Is that true? What years had the 2g alternator and will the harness plug in to the main...
  9. Daniel Black

    R2 slave to '87 master cylinder

    I'm putting a 302 in an '87 Ranger that had a TK-5 speed. My first choice was an '80s F150 bellhousing with external slave cylinder and a 4-speed but I can't find one of those bells anywhere for a decent price. I found an M5od-R2 out of a 2wd 2003 F150 with a 4.2 V6. The deminsions look pretty...
  10. Daniel Black

    1989-94 non-tach cluster?

    I work at a salvage yard and a guy came in yesterday looking for a cluster for a 92 without a tach. We have an '89-93-94 but they all have techs. The more I thought about it, I've never seen one that didn't. They have full gauges so it's not a trade off like in '83-'88 Rangers. Is there such...
  11. Daniel Black

    Definitive answer on convertible mounts.

    There's tons of V8 swap info on here and online but so many choices and opinions. I have an '87 2.0 Ranger that uses the same mounts as a 2.3. So do the 5.0 fox body convertible mounts work for a 4-cylinder? People have been doing these swaps for over 30 years, it should be set in stone by now...
  12. Daniel Black

    Why would anyone.....

    Why would anyone want a 2.9 and/or an automatic? I have had quite a few Rangers and I have a deep hatred of the 2.9. I don't know why. Just like oil and water we don't go together, or well in the 2.9s case they usually do. I have an even deeper hatred for the automatic transmission. Every time...
  13. Daniel Black

    Anyone tried a resonator exhaust tip?

    I've seen these at the parts store with small holes on the inside of the tip. Do they do anything at all or just for looks? I'm trying to take some of the high pitch out of my 2.3 exhaust system. If they do anything would it be a deeper tone or even worse than now?
  14. Daniel Black

    I'm not sure where to ask this?

    I have an '87 2WD Ranger and I have access to a complete '96 2WD front suspension for the twin piston caliper upgrade. I'm wondering if the front track width is wider on a '96? I know the rear axle is wider so I would assume the front width is too but I'm not sure. The '96 beams and radius arms...
  15. Daniel Black

    1987 cam removal?

    How do you get the camshaft out of an '87 2.3. I'm getting ready for a cam swap but I don't see any way to get the old one out. With the motor mounts loose the motor can't go up very far before the trans hits the tunnel. Even pulling the cam gear off I still don't see how it'll clear the core...
  16. Daniel Black

    What speaker fits an '87 Ranger?

    My '87 came factory radio delete. I found a pair of speaker grills at the junkyard and I have the stereo but I can't find any speakers. There's only a place for 3 mounting holes. Am I missing a piece or adapter? Does anyone make a 3-bolt speaker? I didn't pay any attention to the truck at the...
  17. Daniel Black

    2.3 Camshaft

    Anyone know of a cam for a carbureted 2.3 with a lopey, choppy idle that doesn't require any head work? I think it needs to be under .450 lift. Looking for recommendations for one that's off brand like Camcraft, Sealed Power. I like the Comp 268H but it's a little pricey for me.
  18. Daniel Black

    Wanted: Used aftermarket 2.3 roller cam

    I'm looking for a used or highly price reduced roller cam for a Lima 2.3. Ford Motorsport A237, Crane, Comp, Engle, etc. Something around .420-.450 lift for a N/A motor. Not a stock 8-plug roller cam, I already have one of those I'm running now.
  19. Daniel Black

    Do all TKs whine?

    I currently have a TK 5-speed in my '87 Ranger and prior had one in an '86. Both of them sound the same. They whine, whistle, whur, zing. They just make all sorts of noise. They both shift fine. So is it just a normal thing for a Toyo Kogyo? The '86 had atf in it when I got it and it made some...
  20. Daniel Black

    Anyone running Esslinger intake?

    Is anyone using an Esslinger D-port intake. I put my motor together leaned towards low end torque for drivability and climbing hills but it runs worse than my old 250k mile 2.3 below 3k rpms. It comes on hard after that but I have a stock Ranger roller cam that seems to run out about 4500 rpm...