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  1. DannyG

    Quest for new HVAC housing - Question

    I am in search of a new or excellent condition HVAC housing with air condition. My question is, For those who may have replaced this or added A/C where were the best places to find good condition part? Nothing is re-manufactured for this, and initial searching on ebay and like sites have...
  2. DannyG

    Replacing Quarter Glass 2nd Gen

    Replacing Quarter Glass 2nd Gen Question I am looking for insight on replacing the quarter glass for my 92 Ranger Extended Cab. Currently I have the movable glass but the holes for the hinges have become worn and the window moves a decent amount whether opened or closed. My first question...
  3. DannyG

    Been awhile needed to show off my Lady.

    So my Ranger was looking a little sad, haven't spent much time making it look good, so today I decided to wash it. Representing, And my favorite shot of the day. Hopefully I will have new springs and tires before winter. Needs some mechanical TLC but I love her. She is one...
  4. DannyG

    How I Spent My Tuesday.

    Well a friend asked me if would help them move. I said yes like I always do, well they rented a trailer and paid for my gas and lunch. So moving was fun. I got to tow a trailer for the first time ever. On the trip home the trailer was all drunk on me. Was expecting it but still...
  5. DannyG

    How much music do you have?

    Well I was have an iPod and hate how music is not labeled correctly when you download it. (I don't do the illegal stuff anymore but have a lot left over). I am kinda OCD when it comes to my music. So for the past couple a days I have been organizing my music. Here is what I have so far! (118...
  6. DannyG

    First Wash and Wax of the season!

    Hey all, Just cleaned her up today. Wash, wax and then little campus cruse. It was a good day! Tell me what you think. So yeah had a good time bonding with her again.. and finding all the rust that needs to be repaired!
  7. DannyG

    Price or Difficultly help.

    Just wondering what it would cost to get my head gaskets replaced. Also was wondering how difficult it would to replace it myself. All help is appreciated DannyG
  8. DannyG

    Need help with Tach

    Well it is starting to turn warm and I need to do some work the Ranger. I need a good starting point on what could be causing my tach to jump from 900 RPM's to 2000 RPM's. The tone of the engine doesn't change when this happens. Also it will stay at 2000 RPM's then get higher as I drive and...
  9. DannyG

    My 1992 Ranger

    Here is my new Ranger (New to me), traded in the ol 87 for it. First off what I traded in... The new Ranger... My other money pit... 1987 Mercury Cougar XR7 Let me know what you think, I eventually want to lift it, bigger tires, and new lights all round.