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  1. Grumpaw

    Spark Plug Wire Install 2009 2.3

    OK, problem... Pulled wires and plugs to install new. Plugs out and new in with no problem. New Motorcraft plug wires.... How in the hell do you get the boots back on??? Ribs on boots refuse to push down in the cover hole. Tried a bit of silicone spray on the ribs, but still no go. I think...
  2. Grumpaw

    Factory Ford Ranger Class 3 Trailer Hitch...Pick Up Only

    Removed the factory class 3 hitch from my 2009 Ranger. Offering it for free, but you gotta pick it up...will not ship due to weight/size. I believe it will fit 2004 thru 2011 Ranger's. Will come with the mounting hardware and bolt plates. Located in Virginia, outside of Staunton, Va...(off...
  3. Grumpaw

    Personalized Tags

    Haven't seen a thread about personalized tags, and I just got mine a few days ago... :yahoo: Grumpaw
  4. Grumpaw

    2009 Ranger XL Base Rear Speaker Wiring

    Have a 2009 base Ranger XL that came with just an am/fm. Upgraded to a Ford am/fm/cd. Bought 4 Kicker 6 x 8 speakers, mounted two in the doors. There are speaker enclosures behind seats, standard cab. Wiring not there, but I have read several posts that there is a run of speaker wire with a...
  5. Grumpaw

    Feeler For 2009 Ranger Steel Wheels & Center Caps

    I'm having my new alloy's mounted this week and will be selling the OE 15 inch x 7 inch steel wheels and center caps from my 2009 Ranger XL There in very good condition with 25,000 miles on them. I would rate the center caps a #9 out of 10 and the wheels a #8 out of 10. Wheels have some very...
  6. Grumpaw

    2009 Ranger TPMS Type ???

    Have a new set of rims coming in later this week and will be getting tires switched to them. Want to keep the TPMS, but don't know the type that's installed now. Is it the type that is part of the valve stem or the type that is held on with the bands?If bands, I need to order some, if valve stem...
  7. Grumpaw

    A Little Customizing???

    As much as I thought of keeping my low mileage 2009 Ranger totally stock, the itch has hit and I gotta scratch it. Thinking of going a bit old school with some American Racing Torque Thrust wheels and a two tone paint scheme, maybe something like these. Truck now is white, and paint/body is in...
  8. Grumpaw

    Rear Wheel Well Splash Shields

    I've noticed on Amazon a set of Boston Buddy Rear Wheel Well Splash Shields, a set of 4 for 1993-2011 Rangers. LMC Truck/Ranger also lists them on page 10 of their catalog. I don't think these are replacements for oe as I've never seen them on stock Rangers. Anyone running them on their trucks...
  9. Grumpaw

    Airbag Recall

    Don't know if this has been posted before... There is a recall on 2007-2011 Rangers for the passenger side airbag. NHTSA recall # 19V-001, Recall Notice # 19S01. Got a notice about 2 months ago, ann my dealer had to order the bag (on back order for 2 months) It cam in and I'll be getting it...
  10. Grumpaw

    Use Anti Seize on New Plugs ???

    Getting ready to install new plugs and wire's on a 2009 Ranger, 2.3. Curious if any recommendations about using anti seize, speciffically nickel anti seize because of steel plug and aluminum head. On my previous Mustang GT with 4.6 that used the dreaded 2 piece plugs, we were advised by Ford...
  11. Grumpaw

    Seat Frame to Seat Bolt Size.

    On my 2009 Ranger standard cab, 60-40 seats, drivers side... If any of you have done a seat swap using the original frame, do you happen to remember the size bolt that you removed...the bolt holding seat to frame...what size socket was used. From some pic's I've seen it looks like there are 4...
  12. Grumpaw

    Rangers at a Cruise In

    Went to a local cruise in last nite with my stock Ranger XL. Probably 250 cars and trucks of all types. Saw these two Rangers there. 1987 4x4 second owner. Aside from lift and wheels/tires, and bucket seats and interior door panels from a 1989 Ranger, was original, paint, engine, running...
  13. Grumpaw

    Ford Focus Seat Swap

    Just wondering (for future reference) if anyone of you has swapped or looking at swapping a set of seats from a Ford Focus. Specifically looking at the Focus up graded Recaro seats. If the seat frames from the Focus seats unbolt from the seat, it doesn't look like it would take a lot to adapt...
  14. Grumpaw

    Free...Extang Trifecta 2.0 Folding Tonno Cover, from 2009 Ranger Longbed (7 foot )

    I have an Extang Tonno Cover, model Trifecta 2.0 off my 2009 Ford Ranger Long Bed , 7 foot, free. It was on the truck when I got it a month ago, and was purchased by the original owner in 2009, the Extang item # was 44635. The currant item # is 92635. I removed it and do not plan on...
  15. Grumpaw

    Stake Bed Rails on my 2009 Ranger

    My project this week...some stake bed rails for the Ranger. Got one side done today...oak boards, stained and 3 coats of polyurethane. Opinions...? Grumpaw
  16. Grumpaw

    Old Guy, New Ranger

    Hi to everyone. Just bought a 2009 Ranger XL, base longbed. Only options are an auto tran and ac. Thing is, it's has just under 23,000 original miles, and is in pristine condition. Aside from a sprayed in bed liner, the truck is totally original, down to the original tires. No rust, no...