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  1. Doofy

    Highway 4wd low

    Brother would be walking!
  2. Doofy

    New Ranger HERE IT IS!:icon_bounceblue: 2019
  3. Doofy

    Bless You!

    Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!
  4. Doofy

    Is this for Real?

    Have we all become blithering idiots? From the looks of this, we have! Is this BS or reality?:shok:
  5. Doofy

    Optima Red Top

    My Optima Red Top 12 volt battery just became a 6 volt battery! Forgot to use the Master Disconnect and the battery discharged on my infrequently run Ranger. Slapped on the "Smart Charger" on slow for 6 hours, went back out and I now have a 6 volt battery sitting at 100%! WTF! Did my charger...
  6. Doofy

    Unable to vote!

    Have we been dropped from "The Best 4x4" site? I went to vote for TRS this morning and couldn't find us. Very odd.
  7. Doofy

    Bird shot

    Any advice? I am wanting to make some .22 LR shotshells. Since shotshell prices are so outrageous and I can't get any mailed to me, I'll just make my own. Plans are to pull the lead bullet on a .22 shell and replace with some type of small shot or grit and seal with wax. These are for taking...
  8. Doofy

    Sad day.

    What has happened to Country Music? Watched the ACM awards tonite and saw the sad state of the music and the performers. Country is not skinny-jeans and sneakers or blinding light shows. Country music is soulful, shit-kicking, honest, patriotic and fiery. None of that tonite. Did I get old and...
  9. Doofy

    Yay or Nay??

    Wanting to add a fire extinguisher to my Ranger. How many of you carry one and how and where are they mounted? Mounted in cab or bed? Thanks for any feedback.
  10. Doofy

    What's up?

    What's up with all the spam intrusions in the Test Forum? Sure getting irritating.
  11. Doofy

    It's a Guy Thing...

    Found this in my local paper and found it of great interest..
  12. Doofy

    Motorcycle gas tank soldering...

    After reviving the wifes Honda ATC200 3-wheeler and getting it all ready to sell, I smelled gas and discovered a pinhole leak in the steel gas tank. I emptied the tank, let all the residue evaporate in the sun and flushed the tank several times with hot, soapy water. I then used a heat gun to...
  13. Doofy

    Top 4x4 Nominations

    I made it a point to vote for TRS every morning for the month of April. We were in 7th place and ended the entire month receiving just over 70 votes. Seemed like a mighty piss- poor turnout for such a popular and well used site...
  14. Doofy


    I just found my old Jon-E hand-warmers and filled them with lighter fluid and fired them up. Lo, and behold...they still work! They have been sitting in the attic for almost 50 years. Question???What do you hunters or outdoorsmen use to keep your hands warm? Anyone tried the re-chargeable...
  15. Doofy

    Does it really matter ???

    I'm tired of fighting the parasitic drain on my battery. I thought I had the problem cured by installing a toggle switch on the offending circuit...but, no the battery will still go dead if not run or charged at least once a month. A Master Disconnect Switch (Battery Shut-Off Switch) will cure...
  16. Doofy

    Parasitic Battery Drain

    1998 Ranger 4x4, 5 speed. Battery was going dead if not driven for a week or so. I found that I had a parasitic drain of .21 amps. Wow, I immediately thought...alternator diodes. Nope. I finally tracked the problem to fuse #26. This fuse is a 10A and lists the following: Battery Saver Relay...
  17. Doofy

    SWEET ! led flasher

    "Grote" makes a 5 terminal electronic led flasher that prevents hyper- flash when led bulbs are used for turn signals. Part number is 44090. This is for 2-6 lamps, up to 16.2 amps. NAPA and Amazon price is about $27. This sounded easier and less hassle than adding resisters to each circuit...
  18. Doofy

    Rattle-can paint questions...

    The old F-350 plow truck has problems with the paint popping off and leaving the gray primer exposed. I sanded most of the primer off, trying to feather the rough edges around the good paint. I used a good self-etching primer and then about 3 coats of acrylic enamel. It turned out okay but is...
  19. Doofy

    Rust Treatment

    After trying to order some rust destroyer from Eastwood, and finding out that the shipping was $105 for $100 worth of chemicals...I stopped buy NAPA and found a good product, made by Permatex. The NAPA part # is 765-1671 and it is called Rust Treatment. I am using this on a 1937 Deusenberg...
  20. Doofy

    If Only...

    I've stated that I'd never buy another new vehicle but I may reconsider, If Only, Ford would step things up, a little. I enjoy my Ranger...perfect size, fairly well built and not to expensive to repair or maintain. My only actual complaints are lousy, hard, uncomfortable seats and a wimpy,but...