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  1. Bent Bolt

    85 diesel Ranger

    For anyone interested in the Edmonton area, there is a 85 diesel Ranger with complete engine at the 184th street pick a part.
  2. Bent Bolt

    Ranger coils

    Been awhile since I've been around here. Finally have time to mess with my Ranger. I installed a pair of used Duff coil buckets and new EB coils . Unfortunately the coils are way ,way to soft. Don't know what I was thinking when I bought them 190lbs springs. Anyways, what's the latest in...
  3. Bent Bolt

    Length of RBV C5

    Anyone know what the length is of a RBV 4x4 C5 ? Bellhousing to T-case.
  4. Bent Bolt

    Jeep TTB

    If anyone was interested , he has it built and there are 2 videos. For those who don't know, this is a Jeep built for KOH 2011 with a much modified TTB D50 . scroll down ,you'll see them.
  5. Bent Bolt

    Torchmate Pirate build

    Don't know if this has been posted yet but here we have another TTB build. Custom beams. Looks freakin' nice !
  6. Bent Bolt

    D35 Chrome Moly outer axle shafts

    Anyone have any experience with these axle shafts ? I managed to snap the left outer on mine last weekend.
  7. Bent Bolt

    My new steering

    Hope to have it installed by the weekend.
  8. Bent Bolt

    Praise for Jeff's Bronco Graveyard

    I ordered a EB TRE and a pair of Deaver coils last Sunday evening at about 9:30 PM. I specified using a Purolator account that I use. They called me Monday morning at 7:20AM to tell me that they can't use that account or carrier. I was amazed that someone called and said "No problem, use what...
  9. Bent Bolt

    K-link steering - AKA superunner

    What kind of bushings would one use on the idler arm on the center link of a scratch built K style steering system? I'm talking of a good and strong type , not a "that'll do" kinda thing.
  10. Bent Bolt

    TTB in Tough Truck Florida

    Anyone else see this pic ?
  11. Bent Bolt

    D44 outers

    By how much wider or rather how wide is a D35/D44 hybrid axle ?? Is it comparable to a F150 8.8 ? Thanks.
  12. Bent Bolt

    Supercharged 4.0 SOHC in a 87 Ranger

    Take part A and install into slot B add a body lift to clear the firewall and get some clearance for the heater box and some wiring and what do you get ?? A kick ass Gen 1 Ranger .
  13. Bent Bolt

    On board air pressure switch

    I've decided to install OBA in my 87 using the stock A/C compressor. I've picked up everything I need except a 12V pressure switch. Where would a guy get one ??
  14. Bent Bolt

    Chevy TRE's

    Do the chevy tie rod ends ( such as this ) fit on the Ranger pitman arm and knuckles ?? Also, those TRE are 7/8" which are strong enough. What about 3/4" ?? I'm thinking it MAY be too small but I have seen them used.
  15. Bent Bolt

    Adjustable camber bushings

    Who makes them ?? I've searched Moog with no luck and the parts people behind the desk have no idea what I'm talking about.
  16. Bent Bolt

    37x13.5x15 Mickey Thompson Claws

    I've got a chance to buy 5 37x13.5x15 Mickey Thompson bias ply Claws for $600.00. One tire is brand new, never installed. Other 4 are about 60% remaining. Too big of tire for a D35/8.8 combo ??
  17. Bent Bolt

    Finally !!

    Got my Explorer 8.8 with 4.88 in today !!:yahoo: Still waiting for my D35 gears.:annoyed:
  18. Bent Bolt

    Where have all the D35 gear sets gone ??

    Been looking all morning-- yeah,yeah I'm 'pose to be working-- for a 4.88 gear set for the D35. Yukon doesn't list D35 anymore. Precsion does but only 5.13 and 4.56. Richmond only lists rear applications. I'm really getting pissed at all this. I orginally ordered front and rear gears from...
  19. Bent Bolt

    D35 TTB gears.....AARRGGG !!!!

    Finally got my lockright problem straightened out and I go to install my 4.88 gears and they don't fit !!! Check the box, says " D35 REV 4.88 " Does that not mean it fits TTB ??? The gears look as if its for a IFS. I'm having no luck with this thing . AARRRRGGGG !!!!! I bought the 2 gear sets...
  20. Bent Bolt

    Diesel Escort engine/ Ranger trans/ Suzuki buggy

    Not sure where to put this but here go nothing....... I have someone in my off-road club that has acquired a Diesel Escort with a spare engine. He is building a Suzuki trail truck that was going to be powered by a 2.8 from a Ranger. His idea is to bolt the FWD escort diesel engine to the...