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  1. 84 B2 4x4 Back Window,Doors,3 of em..92399,CA

    Back door with window that opens, D's door,ps door.. 4-84, freshness date on ds door.. Got an ECM fer a 2.8,4cyl, a steer column with key,wire harness(what's left of it),interior heater plenum with on kraigslist ie, CA Can't figure out the picture thing, But you'll find em there...
  2. Ford Nut..Howdy All !!

    I'M definitely new to message boards an what not,so bear with me.. Been lookin' here fer quite a while,an the knowledge base is unsurpassed. My first "new" Ranger is a 87,2.3 5sp,200k,still runs,up on blocks fer the 15 years from now it'll probably be converted to electric...
  3. Part out 1986 B2 4x4 V6..92399,CA

    Howdy! Sellin' a few parts, hoping others can live.. Ads on kraigslist,ie, CA.. Also on Broncoiicorral. Thanx fer lookin'.... Uploaded (pic)file is too large for the server to process,so it tells me.. Go figure,android phone an all.. Again,thanx