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  1. 1983- 1987 Ultimate Ranger disc.

    CD with repair information for 83 - 87 Ranger and Bronco II. Has other info as well to help 2.8 owners. $10. including shipping. This is not a factory disc.
  2. No codes

    I don't know the history of this truck, just bought it. It runs with misses, but runs. When I tried to pull codes I got nothing; the code reader didn't even turn on. Does anyone have any ideas about this. (I got a wiring diagram, but haven't started trying anything yet)
  3. Off Topic - Merry Christmas

    and Happy Holidays to all.
  4. Starter gear problem

    I've been having starter problems and need to know if anyone here has use the 10 (ten) tooth gear on their 2.8 with 5 speed transmission. I'm on my third starter in about six months; they work at first, then they get noisy and eventually just spin. I have replaced the flywheel, but ordered a...
  5. Idle Speed for 2.8 Factory Carb

    Idle Speed Setting Procedure 2.8 Liter Engine w/2150A F13 Carburetor and DC Motor Idle Speed Control Instructions (Factory Stock) If EEC-IV engine curb idle rpm is not at specified speed after performing this procedure, it will be necessary to perform the appropriate 2.8L FB EEC-IV diagnostic...
  6. Not engine problem - BUT important

    I know a little bit about cars and was once a licensed mechanic. My 2.8 runs great, but I kept putting off suspension work. Yesterday my Ranger had a outer tie rod break on the highway. I was four feet into the next lane instantly - I was very lucky that no one was next to me and feel very...