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  1. 2000 Ranger 2.5 Fan shroud

    I have a 2000 Ranger 2.5 non-AC truck.I have the truck apart to repair some collision damage and change the timing belt. The current fan shroud says "not equipped for AC" When I look online, for radiators, there's only one listed for the 2.5. Is the difference in the cooling systems between the...
  2. 86 Ranger brakes

    Hello all, first post for me. I have a 40 Ford pickup that I built on an 86 Ranger chassis. The chassis had manual brakes. When I built the truck I put in a new manual brake master cylinder, all new lines, hoses and new wheel cylinders. The calipers, rotors and drums seemed fine so I kept them...
  3. Hello From Massachusetts

    Hi, I have visited this site years ago but I don't recall joining. So, Now I'm a member. I have a 40 Ford pickup on an 86 Ranger chassis