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  1. tinman_72

    2.3L cam swap

    I am about 85% sure that change was made for the '95 model year and newer when they totally reworked the design of the engine.
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    Volvo EPAS Conversion

    Is it just me or is there no write-up. I only see Steps 1:, Steps 2, and Steps 3.
  3. tinman_72

    WTB: 89-94 NON-Tach gauge cluster

    93-94 will fit but the pinout is different.
  4. tinman_72

    '97 Ranger I beam replacement

    There is a brake upgrade for pre-95 models that require changing to 95-97 I-beams. So unless you want to downgrade your brakes stick with 95-97 I-beams. Edit: Now that I think about it, I believe the I-beams are the same, it is the spindles that are different.
  5. tinman_72

    Tire questions.

    I have never seen a Ranger that came with different sized tires. Someone probably put them on that way. I went a different way than most with my four cylinder Ranger. I put 15x8 rims with 255/60R15's all the way around. No rubbing. Looks tough, handles amazing. I did have to change speedo gear...
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    Dashboard question

    The dash changed from the style in the picture for the 1995 model year.
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    Turn crankshaft with timing belt removed?

    No it will not hurt anything. Lima engines are non-interference.
  8. tinman_72

    Retro F150???

    The Ford in the pictures in the link: I like it. I don't think it makes it look like a 70's truck. I think it just looks like 2 tone paint.
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    Next time you see your friend, just say "Hey you should check out".
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    Creating HP on a 2.3 (naturally aspirated)

    The cam is a major factor as to how high your motor can rev. If you put a high RPM range cam in it then it will rev past 4K. You can have the PCM reflashed or you can buy a chip that will plug directly into the PCM box. (EEC)
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    Greetings from northeastern GA...

    Welcome to TRS, what an appropriate username. :) I am also located in northeast GA.
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    2000 Ford Ranger 7.5-8.8 Axle Swap

    It is a plug and play swap. Driveshaft bolts right up. I think the only thing I had to do when I swapped mine was I had to buy new U-bolts.
  13. tinman_72

    Removing and replacing Driver's side Core Plug; Mystery cylinder

    There is a valve that goes to the charcoal canister with both a vacuum line and an electrical connector. It should be in the area described.
  14. tinman_72

    $700 obo

    They aren't all that rare. There were lots of police, taxi, and fleet 351W panthers.
  15. tinman_72

    Fel-Pro blue valve cover gaskets only $11.42 + shipping at

    I have always used the blue Fel-Pros on Windsors, never had a problem.
  16. tinman_72

    Getting extra power

    Upgrading coil packs, plugs, and wires will help if your old ones are worn. You already have a cold air intake if it is factory. Premium fuel is for when your engine is pinging, it is not a power adder unless you have the ability to advance your timing. (Or is it reetard, I forget which way it...
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    I put a new hood on mine this weekend. I have had the hood for several years, never got around to doing it until now.
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    The Little Ranger's That Could or Probably Shouldn't Have.

    Am I the only one that sees no picture or link to what the original poster is referring to?
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    Need help with 2.3L ignition

    Nope, '94 2.3 is same as '93 2.3. They changed to ODBII in '95 and reconfigured the motor.