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  1. SAY789

    97 Ranger Sas progress

    Heres a kids 97 ranger i been building for him. He's stationed in Germany and it will be shipped to him soon. Specs: 4.0 M5Od 1354e narrowed hp44 with arb 4.56 8.8 Detroit 4.56 5on5.5 adapters Duff 3.5" progressive rate coils Ballistic adjustable coil buckets Ballistic joints in the custom long...
  2. SAY789

    Playing around with some 44's

    My buddy threw on some 38's for summer so i told him id hold onto his 44's for him. Now im tossing up the idea of 60 swap and 44" boggers And picked up a pair of paddles to try out at the coast some weekend, need to find 2 more or race cut some 285/75's
  3. SAY789

    Memorial Weekend Florence Oregon

    Doin my usual coast trip but this time the ranger is not pulling tow duty and is getting towed there. Gonna see how the 351 and boggers do in the new setup. If anyone is out and about, hit me up and say hi. Its always nice to put a face to names on here
  4. SAY789

    Started to clean up my Ranger

    Started to clean up under the hood. Re running the wires, hoses etc. Still alot more to do but its getting there. Took care of those pesky valve cover leaks as well and shot a lil ford blue on the covers And heres her all cleaned up needing a buff job badly
  5. SAY789

    Mud on the Farm April 15th Junction City

    Like the title says mud on the farm is having its last run of the season before the mud holes get filled for summer. 20 bucks a rig spectators are free. Located just west on Junction city. Hope to see some fellow rangers there as i will be there to see how the V8 and boggers do
  6. SAY789

    Open Headers

    If that wont revitalize your motivation, i dont know what will. Fired her up for the first time since the V8 swap and man oh man did it feel good. Smells good too since i was pouring my 110octane in through the carb to run her. Ill have it buttoned up here shortly then a vid. Also got my new HEI...
  7. SAY789

    What happens when you go wheel with a couple cherokees??

    They get stuck, and rely on you to pull em out lol. Went looking for snow today and to beta test my ranger since the 3/4 ton swap. It did awesome besides the fact i was running 36's with 3.54 gearing lol. No action shots but lets say it was some nasty stuff they where in. Heres my lil ranger...
  8. SAY789

    Sitting on 39.5 Boggers with a 94 Ranger

    :yahoo: Almost there...
  9. SAY789

    Towin with a Ranger!

    not your everday average load a 82 chevota on 35's soon to go full size axles seein he blew his rear and called uppon me and the ranger. I still need to make longer rear shackles thats how she sits even when the trailers not on her.
  10. SAY789

    my '78 F350

    She's my backup DD/ Tow rig/ Tow truck/ Offroad recovery rig. Dana 60 front Dana 70 rear 39.5 boggers 3.73 gearing BBF 460 NP435 NP205 She does me ok but the ol big block is getting way tired and the syncros in 2nd are goin so I mya be tradin her off for a 96 f150 with a lift and 78 dana 44 sas...
  11. SAY789

    Cam sensor plug on 94 ranger

    I just replaced my 4.0 with another 4.0 and with all the diff help i had doing it seein as my arms got tendonitis we lost the plug that goes into the cam sensor behind the plenum. I have looked and looked so has my buddys and we just cannot find where the lil bugger went. I was told on same...
  12. SAY789

    My 94 Update

    Just an update on how she sits now since i saved her from an old man wantin to scrap her. Next is bumpers n sliders and a headache rack This will only be a showoff thread not a build i have one in the rbv under const. page How she came 33 boggs 3" bl 1" coil spacer Same as above but...
  13. SAY789

    My 94 Ranger Recovery

    So here it goes old man had this in his back 40. Been sitting since '06 he was orig. owner so when i got it, it had 119,000 miles not bad. has a dent in driverside rear cab and bed but its fixable. So i towed her home and popped the hood found a 4.0 auto 1354 with new 4yrs ago plugs wire oil...