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  1. DangerRanger~91

    Photoshoot with my friend's 01

    Forgot to post these here... Today me and my friend with an 01 cleaned up our trucks and went to take some pics... On to the pics. Enjoy!
  2. DangerRanger~91

    All cleaned up!

    Well it's been a few weeks since I got my truck back from the shop after having the motor swapped in it, due to a bad timing chain. Good thing is now my new motor only has 20k miles!!!!! I finally got a chance this weekend to clean it up real nice and also cleaned up the fun toy while I was at...
  3. DangerRanger~91

    Questions for those of you with a body lift

    I've been pondering over doing a body lift and I got a few questions/concerns...Trucks an 06 fx4 1. How did some of you move up your tow hooks to fit back in the hole in the valance? I do not want to cut holes in my valance for the tow hooks I want them in the stock spots. 2. How did you guys...
  4. DangerRanger~91

    Fog Light Question

    Sorry if this is a really dumb question, but I cant figure it out... What bolts do I need to take out to get my fog lights out??? I need to take my fog lights out and clean them as the have water and mud in them(from me being stupid). Thanks for the help in advance. Truck is a 2006.
  5. DangerRanger~91

    What I have been up too

    Well I have posted a thread in a way and have done a few mods, so I figures it was time to post up... Made my door panels match my seats.... Changed my hids to 6k and bought led tails again since my last ones broke... But my favorite mod of all is my new bed space filler mod, its a 2009...
  6. DangerRanger~91

    My new seats!!!

    Pics explain it all lol..... Some are camera pics and some are with the iphone. Before: During: After: Tell me whacha think!!!! I love em.
  7. DangerRanger~91

    The 06 and friend's new 01

    Me and my friend got our trucks cleaned up today and figured a photo shoot was in order. Same of you may have seen this truck on here before... It was the truck Jwad00 had just bought and now sold it to my friend last week.
  8. DangerRanger~91

    How would this look?

    So I have been running this idea through my head lately and I need some outside opinions on this. So I know I haven't had my helos very long but I am already getting tired of them, 16s are just to small and I want to go bigger... But how much bigger will still look good??? And will it fit??? No...
  9. DangerRanger~91

    Snow Pics!

    Well had the first snow here of the winter and was bored so I decided to go take some pics... Enjoy! Also just took my step bars off as you can see in the pics.
  10. DangerRanger~91

    Black Light Party!

    Well the ups and fedex man brought me some gifts yesterday. :yahoo: and... and lastly...
  11. DangerRanger~91

    Petition to request Ford to bring the T6 to North America

    Come on guys!!!!! http://www.change.org/petitions/view/bring_the_t6_ford_ranger_to_the_us
  12. DangerRanger~91

    Fun on the farm!!

    Went to my gfs grandpas farm yesterday to checkout the two ponds and have a little fun. Enjoy. Going fishing there tomo might take some more and hopefully get the gf to take some better pics with the truck.
  13. DangerRanger~91

    My 06 Fx4

    Well I got a new truck awhile back.... so thought I would post up some pics Enjoy! The day I brought her home. Took the camper off. And how she looks now. Ill post more pics later... I now have the windows tinted and hids.
  14. DangerRanger~91

    Will They Fit?

    Well Im trying to find wheels and tires for my 06 fx4, I found some that I like but Im not sure if they fit.... Here are the wheels and tires I am lookin at. 16x8 Helo MAXX # Back Spacing = 4.50 in # Offset = 0 mm # Hub Bore = 84 285/75/16 Pro Comp Mud Terrian Will they fit? Also any...
  15. DangerRanger~91

    Monthly Missouri Meets

    Anyone in?
  16. DangerRanger~91

    New from Missouri

    Hey guys Im new here. Im a member on another site just figured I would join here too. I have a 91 2.3 ranger. Got a few mods here and there nothing crazy tho Here is my truck....
  17. DangerRanger~91

    Kansas City, Missouri Meet April 25th

    Kansas City, Missouri Meet May 9th Hey guys Im new here but Iv been a member for a bit over on rps. There is a Missouri meet on the 25th in Independence, MO at buffalo Wild Wings. Trying to get more people to come so figured I would post it over here. Here is a link to the meet details...

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