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  1. SvenLaxMan

    88’ 2.9L V6 engine dies after getting off of highway

    Thank you so much this will be super helpful! So this morning starting it up it was cold, hadnt been started in at least 8 hours. It would turn over but sounded like it there wasnt enough fuel or something and just wouldnt run. Do you still think it could be the TFI module?
  2. SvenLaxMan

    88’ 2.9L V6 engine dies after getting off of highway

    So my truck starts up like that, almost to the letter, but this morning it wouldnt start up at all. If its not the IAC valve then do you have any other ideas? Ive been having this problem intermittently every few months, it always starts with a subtle jerking while on the highway and the...
  3. SvenLaxMan

    88’ 2.9L V6 engine dies after getting off of highway

    Hey looking for a diagnosis or some insight as to whats up with my truck, she died out as soon as i started coasting in neutral on the off ramp, but started up fine after a quick rest at the red light, i was then able to keep it from dying out again by just giving it a little gas
  4. SvenLaxMan

    New to rangers

    I have said before in an earlier post but i bought my first ever vehicle a couple months ago. That vehicle is a 1988 2.9L V6 ford ranger STX 4WD supercab. Not 100% if i said that properly but i am very new to this. I would love some tips on how to work on my truck, what to look out for, where to...
  5. SvenLaxMan

    1988 metal stx emblem plate

    I have a 1988 ranger stx and i am missing both of the plate emblems that say STX and i was wont see if anyone had a way to find one or sell me one or a full set. Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. SvenLaxMan

    1988 stx supercab jump seats

    Hi, im 17 and i just recently purchased a 1988 supercab stx ford ranger and as of right now the two jump seats are missing. I cant find any of the proper model for sale and i was wondering if either someone knew where to buy them or knew a different model of seat that would fit properly?

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