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  1. My engine has gremlins (read below)

    This is the second maf we have tried first was aftermarket and I believe this one is motor craft? OEM? The reason I think it's the PCM is from my reading once the maf signal is lost it uses the O2 sensors and rpm to map fuel input. Since the O2 fault and the misfire goes away when the maf is...
  2. My engine has gremlins (read below)

    Ok so since it's not raining I've done some probing. All wires to and from the PCM are fine. I unplugged the maf and truck runs fine no misfire codes, just the code for the maf being unplugged. I'm really starting to think the PCM is junk.
  3. My engine has gremlins (read below)

    Ok so attached is the diagrams I believe are for this truck. I have continuity for the maf return signal to the PCM (light blue/tan) So I'm leaning to the PCM being faulty?
  4. My engine has gremlins (read below)

    That's a picture of the wires im guessing red is normal battery / alternator voltage and the light blue opposite is the 5v. Then there are 3 others excluding ground that have no signal. My next guess is to unplug the ECU connection and tone out each line for continuity but that's a stab in the dark
  5. My engine has gremlins (read below)

    That's what I'm thinking I just need to figure out what wires go where and what signals I should be getting
  6. My engine has gremlins (read below)

    I think it's a wire type, Google is less than clear. I'll keep looking I just figured someone might know what reading I should be getting to determine if the ECU is junk or there's a wire issue
  7. My engine has gremlins (read below)

    Yea, if anyone knows what voltages I should get on the maf that would be helpful, I can't find a schematic for it but I'm getting 14v on red and 5v on the light blue on the opposite side.
  8. My engine has gremlins (read below)

    2004 230k not sure if it's ohc or ohv. It's belting down with rain at the moment once it stops I'll go have a look.
  9. My engine has gremlins (read below)

    This is the lower half of the scan
  10. My engine has gremlins (read below)

    So I got a ranger on the cheap but the motor is 'funny' idles 'ok' runs ok some times, then some times it's rough as guts. Attached is the stored codes. Changed the maf, plugs, wires, and coil. Maf reads 0 signal on my blue drive scanner. And some times randomly the CEL blinks slowly for a few...
  11. 04 ranger bogs down 2nd gear

    Sorry it's a 4.0L I'll repost in the correct forum
  12. 04 ranger bogs down 2nd gear

    Same thing it seems like the balls drop right out no power. Right around 2300-2500 rpm. I'll dig up the codes I have when I get home in a bit if that helps at all.
  13. 04 ranger bogs down 2nd gear

    Bear with me here. I have an 04 ranger 3.0 5spd 4*4 that's bogging/limp mode when I have it in second gear at about 2500 rpm. Codes say maf and misfire c2 and 3. Changed the maf cleared codes same problem. Any one know what would cause this?

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