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  1. Capt Jay


    A guy walks into a bar in Alabama and orders a white wine. All the hillbillies sitting around the bar look up, expecting to see some pitiful Yankee from the north. The bartender says, "You ain't from around here, are ya?" The guy says, "No, I'm from Canada ." The bartender says...
  2. Capt Jay

    My avatar

    There I changed my avatar. I kept getting comments that my old one (old man on a beach) was creepy (It wasn't actually me). BETTER?(not looking for and argument, it's just for fun)
  3. Capt Jay

    Working out after surgery

    After my combined knee and shoulder surgery last fall the doctor advised that I should loose a few pounds and strengthen up a little. He said the lesser weight would be easier on my knees and stronger muscles would help also. I actually started go to the gym a couple months ago. I'm down six...
  4. Capt Jay

    1966 Mustang

    My neighbor is selling his '66 Mustang. I could get it for $3,700. It is definitely a project car. The front end is very loose. It has some rust and I just changed jobs. Last year I would have jumped on this thing. In 2 years I'll be back to the pay I was at and I couldn't be held back...
  5. Capt Jay


    Spending the week in Maui. This place is amazing.
  6. Capt Jay

    Fixing titles?

    Can you fix a misspelled thread title?
  7. Capt Jay

    6 truths in live

    Life Truths: 1) You can't stick your tongue out & look up at the same time, it's a physical impossibility. 2) All idiots after reading number 1, tried it. 3) You discover number 1 is a lie. 4) You are smiling now because you are an idiot. 5) You will soon copy & paste this to catch other idiots...
  8. Capt Jay


    Does anybody have access to carfax and can get me a history? Thanks, Jay
  9. Capt Jay

    d44 axles vs d30

    shafts are different diameter so they have different seals.
  10. Capt Jay

    d44 axles vs d30

    Won't work.
  11. Capt Jay

    New job after 14 years.

    After 14 years of flying for the same company, today is officially my last day. It's tough giving up that much seniority and pay to go to something new. I was at a place that I was comfortable and very secure. I was in the upper 10% of the seniority list and flying their top equipment. I've...
  12. Capt Jay

    ATV plow

    I've been using my fathers snow blower for the past decade (he's partially handicapped and had a neighbor plow their driveway). My parents moved and he wanted his snow blower back. After 10 years isn't it mine?:icon_rofl: I was then using a little single stage Honda that my neighbor gave me...
  13. Capt Jay

    2 surgeries in one day

    Had surgery on my shoulder and my knee last Thursday. I can't walk or move my right arm. This sucks. My wife has been an absolute savior. She's done everything for me to make my life easy. She brings me food in the recliner.
  14. Capt Jay

    Deer hunting

    Don't generalize, it makes you look stupid. Not all hunters are shooting for trophies/mounts. We only take does. One buck (of any size) can fertilize an entire heard of does. Remove a doe and it can't have a fawn i.e. wildlife management. Even with shooting only bucks. If you remove a...
  15. Capt Jay

    Deer hunting

    Your allowed as many tags as you'd like to buy. We get three a piece. Anymore than that takes to long to process and then you have more meat than we can go through in a year. Just taking a break. I get tired of they same guys having the same arguments with same uninformed conclusions.
  16. Capt Jay

    Deer hunting

    6 guys 2 days 18 deer. Another successful hunting season.
  17. Capt Jay

    Farmville, WTF

    Everytime I turn on my computer and the rangerstation comes on I keep getting that freeking "farmville" noise. I switch screens and that annoying thing goes off again. WTF
  18. Capt Jay

    explorer axle

    Fluid is cheap. Just do it. You don't need to replace the axle seals unless they are leaking and that should be pretty evident. If there is some leaking then replace them. As stated earlier, they are easy. The best way to pull them is just hook them with the end of the axle and pry them...
  19. Capt Jay

    Back from Mexico

    Back from a week of people bringing me food and drinks. My liver hurts. Now to continue with my real life.........................damn!
  20. Capt Jay

    Hola from Mexico

    Just spent the first full day at the hotel in Cancun. The weather was amazing. It rained for about a half an hour in the late afternoon but by that time we were in the hot tub and it felt fine. This is the first time in an all inclusive and it's a full day of open bar. I'm having a little...

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