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  1. garyl

    ima be a daddy!!!!!

    Congrats to ya'll
  2. garyl

    I want this gun.

    Not something you want to shoot much i found a company who has the ammo, a wallet of 10 .577 TYRANNOSAUR, will cost you $224.99.
  3. garyl

    The gun thread...

    Mine from top to bottom, Marlin model 60 .22 NEF .410 Stevens .410 and my new pride and joy my MAS 36, its a french military rifle chambered in 7.5 x 54 made 1936-1940 Oh plus my Mas has the original bayonet
  4. garyl

    GPS install

    I got bored the other day so I decided to start on a little project. I had a small GPS unit sitting in my console and figured i could mount it somewhere in the dash, I am the third guy to do this at my shop. This was done in my 1991 ford ranger 2wd if anyone is wondering. First I removed the...
  5. garyl

    wonderin what it could be

    This is what i have now What i would like to see is a 2"/3" drop , below the body line that is about 5" or so up from the bottom painted black, and the toolbox removed. Doesn't have to be perfect. Thanks in advance.
  6. garyl

    91 ford ranger custom

    not much to look at an' she's not real fast but she'll last Hey I rymed:icon_rofl:
  7. garyl

    need pics of original stripes

    I am having my 1991 ranger custom repainted to the stock and was going to have the original decals that were taped on the side painted on but can't find pictures anywhere. The last of my stripes lost against the car wash pressure washer.
  8. garyl

    fuzz ball in MAF sensor

    Awhile back I posted my truck wouldn't go over 55 mph and that I would lose power to the rear wheelsafter taveling a short distance at 50 or so mph. Took it tho a shop in town they fixed the problem turns out there had been a "fluff ball in the MAF sensor". Just thought I'd post the fix.
  9. garyl

    headache rack

    Does anyone have any ideas where I can get a headache rack for a 1991 Ranger. I have been looking for some time but have not found one. Any help is good.
  10. garyl

    pillar mounted spot light

    Does anyone know of somwhere I can get a pillar mount spotlight similar to those used by police. I have a 1991 Ranger and haven't had much luck yet. :icon_confused:
  11. garyl

    my usual

    I drive 91ranger with a 2.3L engine I have been having problems ever since I got it. It tops out at around 55mph which is fine but if it sits idleing a few minutes it's top speed drops to 25mph I was told it may be MAF sensor. In order to test it I was told to unplug it so I did the truck would...
  12. garyl

    slow speed after idle

    I drive a 1991 ranger with the dual spark 4 banger. My prob is if it sits idleing when I go to drive off it has trouble reaching 25mph and that becomes its top speed. To solve this prob i have been restarting the truck. Any ideas will help.

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