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  1. Twin I Beam Fabrication Question

    Awesome thanks, very helpful!
  2. Twin I Beam Fabrication Question

    Okay, so you think 4130 would be okay for the ball joint tapers to be machined into? And ya that'd be great to get more information. Thanks!
  3. Twin I Beam Fabrication Question

    There is such a thing as different kinds of metal. This is the literally the first forum ive ever posted on in my life, because I think there normally not that helpful. Thanks for reinforcing my beliefs
  4. Twin I Beam Fabrication Question

    I have a question regard material selection. My build is a 94 ranger 2wd (Mild prerunner). Is getting a gm LS motor. 4 link in rear likely. Front I'm building my own TIB's. I'm not concerned about building the beams as I have a lot of fabrication buddies that know what there doing. However, I...

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