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  1. follman8r

    Oil pan clearance

    Alright yall. I fi ally got around to dropping my Explorer 5.0 in my 87 ranger but ran into some problems. Im using stock gt convertable mounts bc they wete $30 brand new and saw a couple people run them without issue. Ive got the mounts in these holes(pic #1). After I mounted the trans I found...
  2. follman8r

    ECU Elimination

    Im doing a V8 swap of an Explorer 5.0 into an 87 ranger that had a 2.0. The motor and trans are not in yet while im switching it to carb'd. Ill be running a ready to run dist. and external coil. Question: Im pulling apart the wiring harness and trying to chop out as much as I can. Can I just...

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