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  1. TeamExploder

    Lowered ZX2

    This is a 98 ZX2 2.0 DOHC Zetec (obviously since its a ZX2) 5spd. mainly a d.d. but may get some add on's over time, just like a descent peppy 4banger :) this would be my 3rd ZX2. Best tank has been 39mpg but usually gets 36mpg driving back and fourth to work and when I drove out to Michigan...
  2. TeamExploder

    found some jeep axles

    The D30 swap is worthy, was speaking to a Jeep guy that just SAS'd a mountaineer with a D30 and said its a stout axle just be sure to go with a 95+ D30 and truss the passenger side as the axle tube is weak. You can try selling the D35 rear but any jeeper that knows their jeeps will probably just...
  3. TeamExploder

    Does a steering stabilizer really help?

    My 94 drives alright but when hitting bumps or dips in the road the steering does tend to pull in whatever direction, (I know its not suppose to drive like a cadillac) it has had an alignment and everything so I was thinking maybe adding a steering stabilizer would help but would like to hear...
  4. TeamExploder

    Whats your average mpg?

    Curious as to what you guys that have 4banger rangers are averaging highway/city wise? I'd like to get something that gets descent gas mileage for my long daily commute but want to avoid getting a car because I hate being cramped so I am looking at 2wd 2.3l rangers. I see ads claiming 27mpg but...
  5. TeamExploder

    95-97 GEM Diagram wanted

    I wanted to see if anyone happens to have a GEM pin out/diagram for a 95-97 Electronic shift 4X4 ranger/b4000. Thanks:icon_thumby:
  6. TeamExploder

    Operation of the 95+ Ranger 4wd?

    Hey not to knowledgeable on the ranger electric 4wd 95+ so going to ask does the electric shift version get shift signal from the GEM or is there some for module that sends signal to the t-case motor? I'm looking to put a real truck t-case in the explorer and not too sure if I want to go manual...
  7. TeamExploder

    Questions regarding SOHC to OHV

    Ok so my SOHC motor is finally about done and I like the old OHV style motors and know the 98+ XLS Explorers and Rangers still had them. And from my thinking it should be a straight forward swap since 97+ the used the 5R55E auto trans or optional 5spd trans. So I'm thinking all I should need is...
  8. TeamExploder

    95 later Ranger 4X4 Wiring Diagram wanted

    I'm searching for a wiring diagram that traces from the switch on the dash to the t-case, want to convert the ex but need to see what all I'm going to need when I install 1354 t-case so I can change the t-case positions from the switch on the dash. Thank any y'all for your help.
  9. TeamExploder

    BW 1350 ??'s

    I was curious as to how strong the BW 1350 because I've seen people that have them in their ranger and BII's have swapped them out for BW 1354's. I ask because my mom has an awd aerostar and was going to put a manual or electronic BW1350 or 1354 (which ever I can get) because I thought the...
  10. TeamExploder

    Gots a question and need tips!

    Here's how it is, nikkerz and I went to walmart today, we took the dogs with us as usual and when we come out we come to find that the ring that holds my O/D switch in is off and that part of the gear shifter is chewed on looks like it was from Dixie, so now I want to replace the shifter now...
  11. TeamExploder

    Found A Cool Lookin Ranger Anyone Here Own It?

    Thought I'd show ya'll this if someone hasn't seen this before I thought it was neat looking. Its a RangeStang lol. Anyone on this forum own it?
  12. TeamExploder

    OHV to SOHC

    I admit these OHV's are good but planning on getting a camper someday nothing too big but of fair size, so I want to go SOHC, I know up to 94 the heater box is in the way for a SOHC, does that apply to the 95 or 96 models? I know they weren't really available til 97, I'm getting info so I'm...
  13. TeamExploder

    how much can pwr source handle?

    I need to know how much power the power source can handle, because with the 95 and 96 explorer, if you want full-time 4X4 you have to rig power from the power source outlet or somewhere else, so i've done that and its working fine but also wanted to have my cb running from the same one having...
  14. TeamExploder

    Stock player replaced with newer, would it work?

    Hey guys just curious the dash in the 01+ Rangers didn't really change and then they started coming with the MP3 coder cd players would one of them connect to a 95 that currenty has the tape player 5disc cd changer? Thinking of interchanging if its worth it If so is it worth it how do they sound...
  15. TeamExploder

    Anyone have carfax

    Does anyone have an unlimited carfax membership on here that you could run a vehicle vin for me quick? If so let me know please. Thanks!
  16. TeamExploder

    how many quarts for A4LD?

    Hey, I need to know how many quarts of tranny fluid an A4LD tranny is suppose to have in it so I know how many to tell my mom to buy for her van. Thanks
  17. TeamExploder

    MAF Cleaning

    What do ya'll use for cleaning your MAF? I've heard of special stuff you can buy, then heard of a special Alcohol and also heard of using brake parts cleaner, and possibly WD-40 because its also a water repellent or something. So what do you use for cleaning your MAF?
  18. TeamExploder

    Ranger Dumptruck

    This has been listed on craigslist, for awhile, it has an a4ld tranny though, I asked so I don't see the tranny being too dependable its still cool though oh and it's 4X4. http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/car/528354846.html
  19. TeamExploder

    Whats a good tranny cooler?

    Since the 96 is my first auto, and I know it isn't the strongest but stronger than the A4LD, I want to put a tranny cooler or two in by spring/summer since i sometimes tow with it most of the time tow lightly, but want to know some good tranny coolers to put in the explorer, I aint done one...
  20. TeamExploder

    "teamexploder's" Explorers

    Sorry for those with slow connection ^31's diff. rims than stock Decal on back window (window's a little dirty) 96 XLT The rest are my 92 all cleaned up, it cleans up niice :D

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