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  1. cvar

    Vintage cars from the 1950's

    Ran across this video entitled "Over The Edge: Back to the Fifties". It's about the yearly vintage car show in Minnesota. Doorgunner, is that your truck at the 1:16 mark? Sure looks like it! GDEn3i6g3qo
  2. cvar

    What is my engine called?

    Welcome to TRS. Lucky you got a nice new 2011. Great trucks. Reliable. Any photos? Yup. It's a Duratec. CLICK ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Ranger_%28North_America%29#1998.E2.80.932012 )
  3. cvar

    P0756 Shift Solenoid B --> Help?

    CEL ==> P0756 Shift Solenoid "B" Performance or Stuck Off I got this same code few weeks ago, but cleared it. Today CEL is on, again. Yikes! It seems to drive OK. Is it serious? What would happen if I ignored this P0756 for a while? What's the real fix? I presume I'll have to replace...
  4. cvar

    Does A/C compressor from SOHC fit into OVH?

    Does anyone know if the A/C compressor from a 4.0 SOHC would fit 4.0 OVH? I wanna know my JY options. I read 1992-2001 uses Motorcraft YCC-154 (replaces 4L2Z-19V703-AA). I read 2001-2011 uses Motorcraft YCC-169 (replaces 4L5Z-19V703-BA). Does that mean both are really the same part, with...
  5. cvar

    Advice on accumulator/drier

    Which brand of accumulator/drier would you suggest? On Rockauto, the MOTORCRAFT #YF2203 is $102 (yikes!), but the other 2 manuf. are 8x cheaper! FOUR SEASONS = $17, and GPD = $14. Is there a good reason for that? Does OEM brand make a difference here?
  6. cvar

    AK-47 Underwater at 27,450 frames per second

  7. cvar

    Black chips blocking orifice tube

    My A/C wasn't working. Same 75 psi on both HI & LO sides. So I replaced the orifice tube, and now A/C works again. Yay! My orifice tube was almost entirely a clean screen. But some paint-like chips caused a blockage. Largest chunk was 1/4". Questions: what causes these black chips...
  8. cvar

    Always wear underwear

  9. cvar

    Help me fix p1401

    My '97 4.0 OHV throws p1401 = EGR EVP Sensor Circuit High Voltage Detected. If I clear the codes, it comes back immediately. It runs rough only between 30-40 mph. The CEL stays off. Everything seems to test fine. DPFE signal is 1v at idle, rises up to 5V when I induce EGR, and engine...
  10. cvar

    Ford Ranger camping done right

    Here is a fabulous new camping accessory on a Ford Ranger : WDHch7bJp8c
  11. cvar

    Shackle flip... describe

    The rivets are replaced by 7/16" dia. bolts, and 1.25" long will do.
  12. cvar

    A mad mother in Wyoming

  13. cvar

    Insights from dealership parts guy

    I just spoke to Mazda dealership parts guy. Here are some insights he shared. Dunno if they're true? He said the plastic clips holding the hard brake lines to frame are ONLY available by purchasing the whole bed. Ford's reasoning, he said, was that on some lesser model the line happens to...
  14. cvar

    Add ipod input jack for Ford radio/cassette

    Add AUX input (ipod) jack for Ford radio/cassette Our 2001 Lincoln has a (broken) CD6 changer that once plugged into the 2nd socket behind the Ford factory radio. I really wanted an ipod/AUX input, but the radio socket pins didn't permit that. Awk! It seems Ford radios require a digital...
  15. cvar

    Undercoating technique?

    You guys have painted lotsa trucks. So may I ask for your wisdom?: What techniques would you recommend to paint the underside of a RBV? Paint-brushes? Spray-gun on air compressor? Handheld squirt/spray bottle? Garden-insect-sprayer? Otherwise? Truck bed is easily stood up (yay). But...
  16. cvar

    How often to replace U-joints?

    How often do y'all replace U-joints in your axle-shafts and drive-shafts? If ever? Is that a regular maintenance item, or done only (if and) when they seize? How do you know when they're going kaput? By luck, I discovered the U-joint on my LF axle-shaft did seize. Are the others destined...
  17. cvar

    Debris between bed & cab

    Any ideas on how to prevent build-up of junk that fell between the bed/cab gap? Whaddya guys do to avoid this? Metal cover? Rubber flap? Kids' swim "noodle"? Rail covers? Am I missing an flap? Removing the truck bed exposed a pile of sticks, mulch, and mud on the gas-tank, the frame...
  18. cvar

    crossmember above rear axle

    Anybody know where to get a new frame crossmember for above the rear axle of 1997 Mazda B4000? Mine is mostly eaten away. Online parts search was fruitless. Before: After descaling & wire brushing:
  19. cvar

    Vibrating at lowest speed?

    Question: what causes slight rear-end vibration (shudder) when accelerating from a dead stop? It goes away in after 5 seconds. It worries me. I'm guessing the vibration is due to extra lift? Or perhaps I goofed while replacing my rusted hangers, the shackles, U-bolts, and leaf springs...
  20. cvar

    1997 Mazda B4000 4x4 maintenance thread

    My B4000 failed its yearly safety inspection, due to bad (wobbly) front wheel bearings. I had to learn how to change them, and then I did the job. It was fun. Yes, I passed inspection. Yay! Then TRS inspired me to embark on the greater task of maintenance for this somewhat neglected...

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