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  1. MAF

    Ok, then what is the component called that sits in between the airbox and the intake plenum? Is that referred to as the throttle body? It has what looks like a TPS attached to a throttle plate. It bolts directly to the plenum.
  2. MAF

    Anyone know where to source a mass air flow for a 1986 2.9l ?
  3. Detonating

    They have locations here in AZ. I'll try it, thanks
  4. Detonating

    Yes, but I'm not sure their sources are different. Most gas in my area comes from 2 refineries in California. I'll try a couple more and see if it gets better.
  5. Detonating

    I've set base timing to spec, unless I run 91 octane the engine pings under load. I'm thinking of a new distributor w/ module from rock auto. Am I going in the right direction?
  6. Front sway bar bushings

    [QUOTE="Josh B, post: 1963410, Will do, Thx,Robert
  7. Front sway bar bushings

    I'm looking for a source for front sway bar bushings that will work on my 1986 supercab 2wd. LMC doesn't have any and the polyurethane after market I bought from summit racing rollover in the brackets. Any suggestions?
  8. 2.9

  9. 2.9

    That's why I asked. I don't have much confidence in performance gains published in ads etc. For example, the intake/rocker combination claims to produce 40hp and 60ft/lbs torque with everything else stock.
  10. 2.9

    Is Tom Morana stuff worthwhile? For example, the intake manifold and 1.8 to 1 roller rockers. Just curious how effective this combination is. To put it another way, will spending 2k give me noticed performance increase?
  11. RFD2

    Hello, I've sourced a wrecked 1986,2wd, 2.9 with manual transmission. How difficult is it to swap the pedal cluster etc., into my 1986, 2wd automatic?
  12. Factory a/c

    That is a super clean installation
  13. Factory a/c

    Found a complete 1986 a/c system at wrecking yard today. System was complete and still hooked up. Grabbed everything including extra brackets just in case. It looks to be a dealer install but took condenser, compressor, all hoses, accumulator/drier for the switch. etc., etc. The evaporator box...
  14. Factory a/c

    Found everything at the wrecking yard today thx again.
  15. Factory a/c

    Awesome, thx again
  16. Factory a/c

    Sounds great, I've found some possible donors, going to look at them asap. I'm specifically looking for the rear support bracket. If you have that I'll be interested. Thx, RFD2
  17. Factory a/c

    Thx again for the info, at least it seems like I have more than I thought for brackets. Everything else I was planning on replacing.
  18. Factory a/c

    Here are the pics of what's left of my a/c system.
  19. Factory a/c

    Aftermarket sources being LMC and rock auto? I'm assuming. Any others you recommend? Also, did you swap in a small block in yours? I'm thinking about the same in mine eventually. Thing is, I'm in Phx, Az, without a/c it's seasonal driving for sure.
  20. Factory a/c

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