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  1. Not a clutch problem.

    Well, I took the transmission out and rebuilt it plus I added chims in the input shaft. Now the transmission shifts like it's brand new.
  2. Not a clutch problem.

    Thanks for your input but no I didn't. I could down shift into Any gear I wanted to. One thing about this transmission is That the shifter would move a little bit Forward as I accelerated in Each gear.
  3. Not a clutch problem.

    One question I have for you. . Should I be able to move the input shift at all? To left right and up-and-down ?
  4. Not a clutch problem.

    I will so far. The clutch looks like it's got 6000 miles on it.. The? Pilot bearing looks good. I'm yet to take it out.The noise I think is coming from my input shaft. I'll be taking. The front bearing Race off the transmission tomorrow. Worked all day taking that transmission out.. I'm...
  5. Not a clutch problem.

    I appreciate your input and. When I find out the problem I'm going to replace that clutch also with the master. Cylinder and slaves cylinder.
  6. Not a clutch problem.

    I just bought this truck from someone that flipped it. He made $2000 on it. I looked at the clutch any clutch master cylinder. And there New ish. I went under the truck when it was running and heard. The input Shaft making a noise. So i'm going to pull the transmission.
  7. Not a clutch problem.

    Mercon V and the fluid was black so I changed it twice.
  8. Not a clutch problem.

  9. Not a clutch problem.

    Thank you, Yes, I've Changed the transmission fluid twice.
  10. Not a clutch problem.

    Hi, I'm new here. I've been looking at some older threads about shifting problems with a manual trans. My 1999 Mazda B2500 has problems shifting in first and second gear so I brought it to a ford dealer to have them road test the truck. It seems that a lot of people say that it's a problem with...

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