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  1. 4x4 without front axles

    LOL, blame the auto correction on the smart phone. It could NEVER be my old fingers and eyes...
  2. 4x4 without front axles

    UPDATE: Test drive with front shaft disconnected at the front diff eliminated most of the vibration and noise. When I get some cooler weather, going to poop the half shafts out and disconnect the CV joints to take the front drive train out of the equation completely. Still worried about getting...
  3. 4x4 without front axles

    Pulled the front U-Joint, no problem. Tried to get the rear CV joint off. It is VERY loose, so probably my vibration, but I was afraid I was going to strip the heads off. Just wired the front of the shaft up, will see if the vibration goes away or not. Have to pull up a video on YouTube to see...
  4. 4x4 without front axles

    Man, I hate reading this stuff on my phone on the go. Re-read your post, glad I did about the hardness. I may just separate and put a zip lock over it for a test. Might test the Shifster MK2 while I'm under there. I've had the pieces, but not the time to assemble and test. If it even goes...
  5. 4x4 without front axles

    I was hoping it was pretty saimple. It's been WAY too long since I had a CV joint apart. I'm leaning towadr disassembly rather than cutting just because it gives me reassembly options. Going to pull the U-joint at the front diff. and tie the front axle up to make a test run. I have no idea if I...
  6. 4x4 without front axles

    2Krngr, Have a question on the hardness of the axles. I don't have access to a lathe, but I do have access to a bandsaw. Would it be soft enough to cut with a new blade, or am I really looking at getting some lathe work done? Hell. If I knew how they came apart, I'd just separate the outer CV joint.
  7. Same song, second verse.

    The only reason I'm maybe thought brakes bleed was way back when I had a Yugo with a stuck bleader. I had vibrations when ever I pulled away from a stop until I got the bleader loose and finally got it bled. I have a vacuum bleeder, so I might give them both a shot just to make sure.
  8. Same song, second verse.

    So, I made the hugely expensive mistake of pulling the front half shafts to try and isolate a front vibration before asking here. DON'T DO IT! So, back to isolating the front drive line. The front drive shaft just unbolts from the front differential. That raises two questions. Am I going to...
  9. 4x4 without front axles

    May just need a drain and refil. It's aa little noisy, and a bit of jerking on turning, but no leaking. Good news is I have 2 donor trucks, both extended cabs. One with the same engine ( 4.0 ), the other is a 3.0.
  10. 4x4 without front axles

    2Krngr, have a question on power steering sectors, don't know if you can answer or not, but I'll give it a shot. The pump and sector on my '03 extended cab is starting to make some noise. I have a pair of '98 extended cabs I can rob from. One is a 4.0 like my '03, the other is a 3.0. They are...
  11. 4x4 without front axles

    Thanks guys. I'll do some hunting in that stub shaft. Getting the front diff out is two fold. First, it's having problems, and second, I had a rather substantial front push bumper made with tow tabs. I imagine they would off set each other and eliminate some of my mechanical problems. On one...
  12. 4x4 without front axles

    Don, what year Cherokee's? I might check into them.
  13. 4x4 without front axles

    Understand. I was of the same mindset. Didn't even dawn on me that the front half shafts were part of the bearing retainer. All in an effort to save a penny or two I guess. Hell, my dad had an old '45 International that the back U-joint went out. We ran it on front only for almost a month until...
  14. 4x4 without front axles

    Sad part is, I no longer have much use for the 4wd, but it's cheaper than getting another truck. Another question. Where on here do you post on parting out a truck? I have a 98 4x2 extended cab 2 door that I need to part out. The bed, seats, dash, ands shift tube have been pulled. It ran but...
  15. 4x4 without front axles

    Wish I had checked with you guys first. It's sitting on the side of the road now, have to get it in the morning once the rain qutes. Will replace the left one now from the way to higfh priced store so I can get it rolling to get it on the trailer, and will probably do the other side just to be...
  16. 4x4 without front axles

    Shran, That's what I'm thinking. Part of the reason I'm asking is that I pulled the axles yesterday. Zip tied baggie over the right end of the diff housing, foam plug in the left. Gorilla tape inside and outside of both spindles. I had replaced both front hubs a while back, so I knew what was...
  17. 4x4 without front axles

    2003 4x4 FX4 4.0 Have a front differential problem. Is there any reason I can't pull the half shafts and run without them for a while? Need to make a road trip +/- 650 miles round trip.
  18. Seat exchange list

    Took a look, and it's good to have the info. I was hoping to find something more like a standard seat that I can take the headrest off to put a long flat box up over everything on the passenger side. The full height with headrests have to be all the way back and the box barely fits.
  19. Seat exchange list

    I'll check it out, thanks for the link. Needless to say, my search techniques are not all that great.
  20. Seat exchange list

    I've seen a few posts talking about a list or table somewhere that lists the interchange of seats for various years. Could somebody direct me or post a link? If it's here somewhere, my search techniques are bad enough that I can't find it. I'm want to get the high back one piece buckets out of...

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