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  1. The elusive 7/8 bore master

    I'm not using an internal slave but I too needed the large bore master cyl. on my toploader 4 spd. I went with the F550 Super Duty master/slave kit. I did not use the slave cyl., but did use the master cyl. and It worked just fine for me. I'll bet I spent a month looking for that master! Hope...
  2. Wanted 4.0 Head/'s

    I think this is the file I want to show???? Still not sure how to do this. DINOSAUR!!!! :cool:
  3. Wanted 4.0 Head/'s

    Hey Sattech, have you found any? I live in Rochester and I have a complete 4.0 out of my 95 . In fact I've got the entire drivetrain that ran perfectly when I removed them for a Cleveland, Toploader 4 spd, and 2007 FX Level 2 axle. I don't want to part out the engine but I'll give ya a great...
  4. 95 OHV TO later model SOHC. Who can help, with details?

    Hey Tango, If you ever get to where you need to replace more parts on your 4.0 I've got a 4.0 out of my 95 Ranger with about 80K on it, and it ran perfect when I removed it. Also have the 5 speed manual that operated perfectly upon removal. I removed the entire drivetrain to install my 408...
  5. V8 Conversion Headers

    Hey Greenie, I went with Sanderson shorties, although I went with a K member for the rack and pinion steering to get rid of that bothersome steering box, which really screws up everything!! Constructed a 2" x 3" tube frame from the cab forward. It certainly wasn't in my build plans but after...
  6. Up and Runnin'

    Just payin it forward :cool:
  7. 4.0L engine

    Check my post in parts for sale. I've got a 4.0 from my '95 (92k when I removed it) and it ran perfect, plus other parts.
  8. Seeking L&L style relocator 351/302

    Hi Angie. I have that Moroso that I did not use because I chopped the frame for a K member to hold my C . Let me know if you'd like to buy mine - "never installed" or used.
  9. 97 ranger V8 swap

    Hey Spanky50, if you decide to not go V8 and stick with a 4.0 I,ve got a great running one (complete) I removed from a 95. 94K and well maintained, plus other parts!
  10. Info on wiring

    not sure how "crazy" you're gonna get with your electrical but I tore my entire wire harness out (on a Cleveland carbureted swap), moved my Power Dist Center to the pass. side and rewired everything. My best two friends were a 1995 Ranger Electric and Vacuum manual (found on line -$25) and...
  11. Wanted Wanted rear diff 3.45 7.5inch for 1993 to 1997 ranger

    If you're looking for a complete rear end I've got a 3.55 posi, 8.8 , complete w/ leaf springs , shackles, shocks, etc. that I took out of a 95 ranger. You'll need the drums. If you really need some stuff I've also got the 4.0 V6 (complete) and 5 spd. manual trans that go with it, all were in...
  12. Wanted ISO 1988 Ford Ranger STX 5spd (Red)

    Did ya find that trans yet? I've got a 5 spd manual I removed from my '95 4.0 V6 with 94k on the odometer and it worked like new when I removed it. I've also got the V6 intact if ya might need that too, plus a 3.55 posi rear end intact also. Everything worked really good
  13. Up and Runnin'

    So, she's on the road after 2 years of love labor and is a "legitimate" BadAss!:yahoo: And a HUGE thank you to Walt93 for all his expertise and counsel. I don't know if I would've gone this deep without him. Also to everyone else that pitched in. What a GREAT forum to belong to!!
  14. thinking about 351 Cleveland build in a '90

    Hi Angie. Looks like it's coming along. Wanted to let ya know that the Thermostat/ Restrictor plate I told ya about at West Coast Cougar IS the fix for overheating. Been driving around and idling in 90+ degree weather and it's never reached 200 degrees!! I'm thinkin it's a must for the...
  15. For Sale HARD TO BELIEVE

    Here's what I wound up doing
  16. For Sale HARD TO BELIEVE

    here's the pics. You'll notice a bracket welded on the top of the I beams- I was originally going to use the TIB , remove the coil springs and install QA1 struts (which I had mocked up) before discovering there was no way that cleveland was gonna fit with that suspension!!! They can be simply...
  17. For Sale HARD TO BELIEVE

    Have no idea.. I just know they worked just fine before I removed 'em. Sorry
  18. thinking about 351 Cleveland build in a '90

    Hey Angie, Good to see ur coming along on your project. Mine is coming together slowly too. Funny, all that MAJOR work that we go thru to get to the finish line and all of a sudden these little P I A projects require more attention and go lots slower than it seems the big ones did!!! Anyway...

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