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  1. Exhaust manifold or headers

    I got a 2.9 V6 Ford ranger 1990 and got the engine out and been wanting new exhaust manifold or headers but can not find headers does any know where to buy some or some exhaust manifold and I have the engine so I was also wondering what to do to the engine before I put it back in
  2. 1992 Ford ranger looking for headlight

    Okay I will but is there any good headlight that are just different from original I just want something that is seen a lot
  3. 1992 Ford ranger looking for headlight

    I bought these headlights but do not fit and I need that assembly to put on but I was wondering if I can just take the headlight cover off and put the led in or these is a easy setup with led
  4. 1992 Ford ranger looking for headlight

    I got a 1992 Ford ranger led headlight assembly or something not just clear was wondering if there was anything like that or a way to make it. Any cool mods to do to it if there was any
  5. 1990 Ford ranger 2.9v6 5speed try to figure out the transmission

    I am try to put in a 2.9v6 5speed into my truck but I got new clutch I am try to put it in Wonder on the transmission what this hole is for and the wiring
  6. 2.3L ('83-'97) 1992 Ford ranger 2.3 starter keep going

    I bought a 1992 Ford ranger 2.3 five speed and it when i start it the starter keep on going until one minute and it is fine when it is warm up it will not do it again until a day or so what could be the issue
  7. 1990 Ford ranger 2.9 V6 manual clutch

    I been looking for a clutch kit for 2.9v6 manual 2wd And there been a lot of different size on these clutch so I wonder what is the right size I need
  8. 2.9 v6 freeze plug

    Have a 2.9 v6 engine in a 1990 ford ranger and want to know how to change the freeze plug without take the engine out

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