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  1. m50d r1 swap help

    m50d. Not model
  2. m50d r1 swap help

    Went back with another model out of a 94 ranger. Thankyou so much for your help. My problem was that I didn't know the first thing about rangers. Still don't know much but a lot more than I did. This truck's been my daily driver for almost 9 years.
  3. 91 ranger 2.3 tps and idle screw adjustment

    Thankyou. Up until about 2 weeks ago I didn't know what a TPS was. I'm trying to dial this thing in so it'll run halfway right.
  4. 91 ranger 2.3 tps and idle screw adjustment

    I need help with new tps adjustment
  5. 91 2.3 ranger manual transmission 2x4 pcv hose location

    which port under upper intake manifold goes to pcv valve
  6. m50d r1 swap help

    91 ranger xlt swb 2x2 2.3 with m50d r1. will any other 5 speed transmission interchange into my truck?
  7. felpro valve cover gasket installation

    91 ranger 2.3 lima valve cover replacement. felpro vs 50043 r-1 installation help

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