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  1. 93 Ford Ranger I beams

    Hey guys, I got some equal length twin I beams from Threat Motorsports with the frame mount brackets as I plan on removing the stock motor mount and making all new support there. I think I have started mounting the beams correctly, but if one of you guys that have done this could chime in and...
  2. V8 swap

    Building into a 2wd prerunner. Gonna basically chop the entire front end, thinking I have to keep frame rails though because of the I beam suspension. Going to rebuild a tubular structure and some minor plating where necessary for mounting things like computer, washer fluid etc... figures my end...
  3. V8 swap

    Working on swapping my 4.0 93 Ranger with a 5.3L L59 vortec motor with the 4L60-E transmission. Anyone got any tips? Most likely gonna do a body lift help with some clearance.
  4. Won’t start

    Have not tried in n, have tried holding it up and wiggling while trying to crank but nothing
  5. Won’t start

    I’ve checked the wirings and all seem fine. Couldn’t find any issues, how could I possibly check if I’m getting power to ignition? It’s got major transmission problems, however I don’t think it’s the issue because it’s in park, and I can jump the solenoid and start up and it’s definitely in park.
  6. Won’t start

    Hey guys, my 93 4.0 ranger won’t start won’t crank. I have replaced the starter solenoid and starter and checked all fuses. Replaced the ignition switch but now I’m stumped. I turn the keys and everything else works. But won’t even begin to crank. What might be the issue?
  7. Vortec 5.3 swap

    Hey guys, so I've decided I'm gonna do a vortec 5.3 swap in my 93 ranger. I was just wondering if anyone else has done it, and how did you mount?
  8. Conversion

    Sweet guys, thanks... think I'll just keep it 2wd for sakes of headache purposes, maybe convert it later. Will the 351 bolt up to the a4ld tranny? Or do they make a conversation plate?
  9. Conversion

    Ok so I'm looking at a 86 bronco, thinking I could use that for my donar, complete truck only thing wrong is tranny problems and body is a sore sight, but I'm not worried about body. Is it possible to mount up the beams in the stock ranger location? If it's too much wider, I will shorten it, but...
  10. Conversion

    Also... was thinking 3" body lift would fix that... "clearance problem"
  11. Conversion

    Sweet! So if I pick up a complete donar Bronco I should be able to swap the entire under carriage and turn my 2wd into a 4wd... are the beams the same length? Hopefully longer... would like to be about 5-6" wider. Yeah, already seen it coming about the rear axle, is it any wider than stock on...
  12. Conversion

    I've got a 93 ranger 2wd extended cab with the 4.0... automatic. Looking to do a conversion because I want more power, I was thinking maybe I could get a bronco and swap with the 5.8 351W? Correct me if I'm wrong and can't make that work... I'm planning on doing glass, so a lot of that metal...
  13. 93 Twin I Beam

    Sweet! Thanks for the help guys! Looks like I've gotta find some older beams. Junkyard time lol. I'll do some more research and see which beams will work. Are there any links you could refer me to on how to extend them? Greatly appreciate the help!
  14. 93 Twin I Beam

    Not really looking to lift or drop... little lift would be nice, but looking for the travel. Thanks though!
  15. 93 Twin I Beam

    That's a good idea, would older ranger beams fit my ranger? Maybe I can swing by the junkyard and find a pair.
  16. 93 Twin I Beam

    But how much travel could I get out of the stock beams? I'd like to get somewhere between 18-20". Could I get that by just replacing the radius arms? Do you know of any decently priced beams I could get? How hard would it be to just build them myself? I have no doubt I can do it. Just not sure...
  17. 93 Twin I Beam

    So, I finally got my hands on a ranger with twin i beams. Planning on making a prerunner. It's a 93 2wd Ford Ranger extended cab with the 4.0 v6... anyways, been doing my research but can't find much info. Yes I know I can buy camburg beams or threat... but I'm. Not looking to throw thousands...

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