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  1. 8.8" Differential Questions

    Sweet!!! Thank you.
  2. 8.8" Differential Questions

    I started this new thread so others don't get upset and accuse me of high jacking theirs. However, if you would like to post your own question here, you are more than welcome to. My questions is this: Will an 8.8 Mustang LSD fit in a Ranger's 8.8 axle? Is there a difference in strength? Both...
  3. R6 axle swap, price, what to look for?

    My apologies, but if I started another thread, then I would get "hate" replies for starting another thread on differentials.
  4. R6 axle swap, price, what to look for?

    So, It appears to be an 8.8 with 4.10 gears, and was manufactured in October 22, 1993. does that sound about right?
  5. R6 axle swap, price, what to look for?

    Thank you
  6. R6 axle swap, price, what to look for?

    I found that the original 7.5 was swapped for an 8.8. How do you read this doff tag that’s on it. I need to know if it has an LSD and the number of splines. Heck, I don’t even know if it’s from another Ranger or a Mustang.
  7. Transmission Confusion

    I’m guessing it’s accurate. I called a couple other places and they were actually higher. that sucks!!!
  8. Transmission Confusion

    I just purchased the right transmission from a wrecking yard. My mechanic quoted me $850 to swap the two transmissions. That seem a bit high. Is that the common price? Also, I was quoted $800 to flush the transmission, replace the front and rear seals, and replace the filter on it. Is that...
  9. I think I have an R/C addiction...

    I said the same thing when my plane and chopper crashed. At least when I crash my cars, there are still usable parts left. Losing your RC sucks. I had a box, of about 6 RC's, turn up missing while moving from Cali to Utah. There must be something about Cali that won't let you take your RC's...
  10. I think I have an R/C addiction...

    I'm a racer, and it does suck. Over a year ago, out last track closed it's doors. Last month, a new one opened up, but I haven't been there yet. I have a Slash. It's pretty fun for bashing around. I have a couple boats, but every time I take them out, I break the props.
  11. I think I have an R/C addiction...

    I tried planes and choppas. That lasted about 30 seconds each. Got them in the air and they came right back down... really hard!
  12. I think I have an R/C addiction...

    Yes I do, but this Ranger is sucking up all my cash. Show that on RCTech.net. You'll get it sold pretty fast. That is a pretty old buggy, but it's in pretty good shape. You might have to drop the price a tad, but who knows...?
  13. I think I have an R/C addiction...

    That's why I'm afraid to get a crawler. I know I would dump a crap ton of money into fixing it up.
  14. Transmission Confusion

    Yup. Now everyone is doing that with their firearms... except for me. I lost all mine in a boating accident.
  15. Transmission Confusion

    Ideally, a V8 would be the 1st choice. However, I live in Cali, so a V8 is not allowed.
  16. Transmission Confusion

    Down the road, my kid would like to swap the turbo 2.3 I4, from a Mustang. He would go V6, but that is a bit overkill. He doesn't want to be a blur down the street. He just wants to be able to break the wide 33" tires when he takes off.
  17. Transmission Confusion

    Thank you for the info. Now, please excuse my noobness, but what is a m5od? I'm guessing that's a manual 5 speed?
  18. I think I have an R/C addiction...

    I still have XXXT. I haven't driven it in a very long time. I mostly play with my newer cars. They have come a million miles since the XXXT was released. Now there's LiPo batteries, mid-mounted motors, digital controllers to eliminate having to have difference radio crystals, and brushless...
  19. Transmission Confusion

    I do plan to keep the 3.0. It has had some work done on it. Heads ported, equal length headers are what I told was done to it. I would like to keep a top speed of about 75-80 MPH. I mostly want it to have some get-up. It would suck to try and go up a hill and the truck bogs out.
  20. Transmission Confusion

    Here are some pics of my kids truck. .

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