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  1. Vacuum hose near pcv valve

    Yeah, that was one of the first things. IAC Air filter Spark plugs...which led to valve cover gasket PCV valve Next up: Fuel filter
  2. Vacuum hose near pcv valve

    Hey, thanks for the reply Colin. I think I figured it out. I found a spot in the bottom of the manifold. Unfortunately, it didn’t do anything for my idle and almost stalling when I’m at a red light. I’m continuing down the list of things to replace.
  3. Vacuum hose near pcv valve

    Hello, I’ve got a 2001 B2300. It’s idling rough and almost dyeing so I’ve been replacing parts. I just replaced the PCV valve and while I was doing that, I noticed this vacuum hose hanging out. Can someone please tell/show me where it is supposed to be plugged into?

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