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  1. Toyo Kogyo TK4 rebuild info

    i have parts if you need them......could borrow you whatever pullers that you may need also. sixonetwo-309-three999
  2. Mitsu FM145 questions

    shran has nailed it. my company built and sold ALOT...of these units in the 90's and early 2000's for shops and especially Ford dealers in the U.S. and CANADA. by far the most common problem was driving too slow in 5th, too thick or lack of lube and some 5th/reverse syncro hub wear in the...
  3. M5OD clutch/pilot replacement, vibration in 4th and 5th gears

    it is not very common for a manual trans to ""suddenly" vibrate, make sure that the bolts are tight. also, is there alignment dowls between the motor and trans?
  4. 2001 3.0 manual trans parts please

    Love the grasshopper comment..
  5. 2001 3.0 manual trans parts please

    when you get it apart, give me a call. pm sent
  6. ZF 2 1350

    the zf5 and the bw4406 both have 31 splines and can be bolted together...if you want a brand new bw4406 with manual shift, give me a call.. pm sent
  7. Re-Gearing 7.5 LSD from 3.73 to 3.08, manufacturer recommendations for Ring and Pinion Gear set.

    I have 3.08--3.31 and 3.45 gears if you need them.. 612-309-three999
  8. For Sale RANGER M5R1 4X2 TAIL HOUSING 2001UP

    This is for the 2001 up with the magnetic speed sensor. $100.00 woodbury,mn
  9. For Sale M5R1 SHIFT COVER

    M5R1 SHIFT COVER, complete with good forks as pictured. Ready to install. $125.00.......612-309-3999
  10. FM145 - bad input shaft bearing

    sorry i left out the word "shift" duh
  11. FM145 - bad input shaft bearing

    pm sent
  12. FM145 - bad input shaft bearing

    Do not run gear lube if you are going to run it in the winter. run GM Synchromesh..#12345349 regular 80w gear lube can not get in to the needle bearings and it will like **** until it warms up...
  13. FM145 - bad input shaft bearing

    The fm145 was not a bad trans.. the 2 biggest problems were people putting 80-90 in them and splitting 5th gear on the mainshaft by driving 25mph in 5th thinking they will get 40 mpg...
  14. FM145 - bad input shaft bearing

    pm sent
  15. Fm145 question

    if the e47a-lb is the one that you found, that is for a 1984 tk5 2.8
  16. For Sale M5R1 4X4 TAIL

    M5r1 4x4 tail housing NEW (have with or without switch hole) $165.00 woodbury,mn 612-309-3999
  17. Fm145 question

    only difference on any fm145 is the neutral switch on the top cover.
  18. Trans ?

    The T-18 is not synchronized in 1st, they can be a bit grumpy going in to 1st...
  19. 87 Ranger TK5 trans parts nightmares!!!

    To shift a manual trans on the bench, remove the shifter, take 2 flat snapring pliers, the type that opens when you sqeeze it. use one to move the shift pocket from side to side and the other front to rear. my oe reman shop did approx 3800 to 4200 manuals a year and that worked very well...
  20. 12 bolt vs 14 bolt transmission?

    the mitsu fm145 has a steel pan..... the toyo kogyo has an aluminum pan.....the koyo can have 2 different lengths on the pilot also..

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