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    LED third brake light/cargo light

    I picked up this light from Amazon for under $30 shipped. Five minute job for my '05 Ranger Edge. Plug and play.
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    Fun with my '05 Edge

    I decided that my 3.0, 5 speed 2wd Ranger was ready for new transmission and rear gear lubricant at 65,000 miles. It has spent its life as an Arizona farm truck and probably suffered some rough treatment. I have now owned it 5 months. One great thing about the 2wd Edge is that it has the same...
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    What gear to change to?

    Fairly new here. I have a 3.0, stick shift, 2005 Ranger Edge 2wd with 65,000 miles. It has the 8.8 and a 4:10 gear without the limited slip. My goal is better gas mileage and less of a granny gear when taking off in first gear. I swapped the stock 235 75R 15 tires and wheels for aftermarket...
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    Is this the way all Rangers were equipped? Spare tire

    I have only owned my '05 Ranger Edge (2wd stick shift 3.0) for a few months and am slowly discovering things about it. The door sticker shows it came equipped with 235 75R 15 tires all around. I dropped the spare today to lube the lifting mechanism and check the air pressure. Imagine my...
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    2019 Route 66 Fun Run - 37th year

    This run begins on Route 66 In Seligman, Arizona and goes about 150 miles ending on the Colorado River at Topock, AZ. There appeared to be about 500 vehicles involved and they all stopped in my town of Kingman, AZ for the day today. This is my 3rd year here and I was blown away by the variety...
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    What OBD II Scanner to use? '05 Ranger Edge, 2WD Stick Shift

    There are so many for sale out there it is mind boggling. What does the Forum recommend. For occasional use only.
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    2005 Ranger Edge. What dash bulbs to use. No help from owner's manual

    There are a couple of good how to's on You Tube on removal of the instrument panels. Unfortunately they only go up to the 2003 model. The Haynes manual does not list a bulb for the '04 and later Rangers and my '05's owner's manual says, "To replace all instrument panel lights - see your...
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    Help. How to turn on interior light? '05

    I have on '05 Edge. The dome light turns on when I open the door(s). I am unable to find a switch to turn in on with the doors closed. The instruction manual says that there is a detent when you roll the dimmer switch all the way up. Mine does not do anything. Thanks in advance.
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    Kingman AZ here

    Just bought a 2wd, regular cab, 3.0, 5 speed Edge. Looked like it was used as a farm truck. Only 64,000 miles with a lot of dust, dirt and hay all over it. Gotta replace the cracked windshield ($164) and have the clutch bled. Then to take care of the scratched paint, sun fade on the hood and...
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    Help with ignition key info

    Just purchased a 2005 Edge two days ago. I had a spare key made at Ace Hardware. The truck is a single cab, 2wd, 5 speed, 3.0. The Ace guy said he was surprised the truck did not require a chip in the key. The one he made me and the one that I got with the truck has no chip that I can see...
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    Shifter help

    My very first post other than intro. 2005 2wd, single cab Edge. How do you remove the shift ball? It looks like you might have to pry off the shift indicator and then there might be a wedge or nut underneath to remove the ball. I am looking at one of these as a replacement:
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    Hello from Arizona

    My name is Ron. I am a retired Radiographer (X Ray Tech) from both the US Army and a large hospital in Michigan. I just purchased an '05 Ranger 2wd, single cab Edge yesterday. Black in color. It has the 3.0 V6 and was used as an Arizona farm truck. It is dusty and has scratches and sun...