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  1. Fuel system electrical diag road block

    Problem -> pump not coming on when key is in on position Where I am at: - I have tested the pump out of the truck by connecting the ground and hot pins to a battery and it runs - Fuse is OK - 12.3 volts going into fuel relay - red wire on relay when key is in 'On' position reads 11.5. volts -...
  2. Fueul pump brands that don't suck!?!?!

    So I was an idiot, bought a cheap fuel pump for my 89 BII and it crapped out today. Can anyone recommend and good brands? At this point price is not an issue.
  3. Upper end rebuild white smoke

    Hey guys, Thanks to everyone here I rebuilt the upper end of an engine and got it running in the BII. When I start it up it lets out some white smoke (kinda stinks) and if I leave it at idle it goes away. I have only gotten it up to speed for a few minutes and it was blowing a bit of white...
  4. Wanna help diagnose a crank no start? You know you do...

    Truck 89 BII. Whats up: - I rebuilt upper end of a used motor. - Wiring harness worked fine with last motor, but old motor was overheated - Cranks fine, but does not attempt start, no back firing, just hear pistons moving air and normal starting sounds - I have 40psi at the fuel rail - I have...
  5. Diagnosing bad ingnition switch

    OK, just installed a rebuilt 2.9l. Battery is good, brand new cables and new starter relay. Turn the key to start and I get lights fuel pump and no click. When I unplug the red and white ignition wire on the relay and run a piece of wire from the positive battery terminal to the s-terminal on...
  6. Checking injectors before putting on the UIM

    OK, so I am SLLLOOOOOWWWLLY getting my upperend rebuilt. I have the injectors in and all the fuel lines run. Here is my question: I would like to check and make sure the injectors are sealing well before I put on the upper intake manifold. If I turn the key to the "on" position, does that...
  7. Looking for a power steering bracket

    Anyone know where I can find a power steering bracket for a 2.9? I am not talking about the grey one that also holds the AC. I am talking about the black one that mounts on the front of the block/cyl and holds the pump itself. Can't seem to find one.
  8. Dipstick tube

    Where does yours bolt down?
  9. injector retaining clips

    Didnt take a pic when I pulled it appart....duh. How do the retaining clips go on? like this? It seems to me the injectors seat better without them. Anyone not use them?
  10. Engine install, remove motor mounts?

    Anyone ever remove the motor mounts to install a 2.9? Seems to me it would make it easier to insert into the transmission. Then after bolt up you could raise the engine and tranny combo and re-install the motor mounts. Any experience out there?
  11. LIM gasket me

    So I installed new head gaskets on my 2.9l. That went well, but I don't think I did the LIM properly. First of all, there is a 1/8inch gap between the manifold and where you supposed to put the RTV. Here are pics of front and back. Is this normal? If so, I don't think I used enough RTV. Here...
  12. Back for more free info -> 2.9 and engine stands

    Hey guys, So I am trying to mount a 2.9 to an engine stand. Not matter what way I do it I can only get three arms to line up with the bolt holes. I poked around and couldn't find too much info. I did see some people using the dowels (which are hollow and not threaded) for the fourth arm, or...
  13. 2.9 Engine stand bolts

    Would M10x1.5x100 bolts do me for properly mounting a 2.9l to an engine stand?
  14. Help this idiot firgure out the fuel lines

    OK, so there is what looks like a 5/16 and a 3/8 line on the sending unit. Which one is the return and which is the supply? I am guessing the larger one is the supply?
  15. Clutch selection

    OK, first of all - you guys are an awesome wealth of knowledge so thanks! Second, what is your preferred clutch? I am swapping in another 2.9l and I would like to replace it while I am in there. The choices are NUMEROUS. From 80 dollar kits to 500. My instinct is to go cheap with such a crappy...
  16. 2.9 out of an auto into a manual?

    OK dumb questions here. Is there anything special I might need to do if I swap a 2.9l out of a BII with an auto tranny into a BII with a manual tranny? I should be able to just swap in the clutch and pressure plate, right?
  17. Pre-bent brake line sets

    Does anyone know if there is any real difference between the 88 and 89 brake lines? I found "cheaper" prebent brake line sets for all years except 1989. Classictube makes a set for the 89, but it is about double the cost. I have to imagine I could use the 88 set?
  18. Factory rake

    Looked and couldn't find this info. Did the Biis come with a factory rake? Mine didn't look like it had any, but I didn't measure before I tore the whole thing apart...dirp. I have seen leveling kits that say they raise the front end 2 inches. Now if I want a 2 inch level lift, the I need to...
  19. 2.9L heads or scrap it all?

    Just looking for some opinions from those with a lot of 2.9l experience. So the 2.9l in my 89 BII was overheated by the previous owner. I took the heads off and the magnaflux says...both are cracked. What's your opinion guys? Assume the block and all else is good, buy new heads and roll or...