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  1. XLT or FX4?

    Thanks. I thought is was an FX4.
  2. XLT or FX4?

  3. XLT or FX4?

    I bought a 2005 Ranger a few years back. I always thought it was an XLT, but as I was looking over its equipment, it looks more like it's an FX4. Almost everything that comes on an FX4 is either standard of available as an option on the XLT. It does not have the FX4 decal on the bed, but it...
  4. Aftermarket Class III Hitch

    The Curt 13019 fit perfectly between the pipes. A 235-60x16 spare did work. I got the hitch mounted and a spare in place. The spare is a little smaller than the ones on there, and the tread is resting on both pipes, but it would only have to get me home or to a tire dealer. I am hoping I...
  5. Aftermarket Class III Hitch

    I bought a Curt 13019 and it just fits perfectly between the dual exhaust pipes, BUT I have a full size spare and had to remove it to get the hitch installed, as the receiver part of the hitch interfered with the tire. I will be looking for a smaller (narrower) spare of approximately the same...
  6. What's the biggest towed?

    I towed a friend's 2WD F150 about a half mile up a steep rocky driveway to a cabin with my 1994 Explorer. We tied a Kevlar rope to his frame and the other end to the bumper hitch on the Explorer. Used 4LO for this. Slow but sure, but no problems getting up or afterwards.
  7. Aftermarket Class III Hitch

    I recently bought a 2005 Ranger 4.0L OHC. It has a MagnaFlow dual exhaust system, but no Class III hitch. Is there an aftermarket Class III hitch that I can get that will not interfere with this exhaust system?

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