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  1. stsalvage

    Wanted Speedometer cable needed

    I have over 22 people a month come at me saying why this is why that one guy can't understand why he put 2008 3.0 into his 1993 Ranger and he can't get his old computer to work. Or this guy that asked I have a 1994 Ranger with a 5-speed and he got a 1998 5-speed and can't get the Speedo to work...
  2. stsalvage

    Wanted pushrod 4.0 throttle body plastic trim

    did you ever sell the cover this one
  3. stsalvage

    Found! Valve Cover 'Keepers' - 2.8 V6

    these are getting hard to find like so many other parts on the 1989-92 Ford Rangers and Explorer's
  4. stsalvage

    Wanted Headliner regular cab

    go to pick apart buy the fiber glass board and take it6 to a place and have it recovered
  5. stsalvage

    Wanted Where to Get / Buy AC- Dash Vents for 1993-1994 Ford Rangers?

    you can buy them new off eBay 1993 F350 NOS FORD A/C REGISTER GRAY F3TZ-19893-C CENTER PASS SIDE EXPLORER eBay item number:275034383504
  6. stsalvage

    Wanted Iso 90-92 rbv 4.0 5sp 4x4

    I see you waiting a long time! The Bronco 2 crowed has more money than you do they all are looking to convert their rigs over to the 4.0 4x4 system. Here in calif I just had a guy come out from Main and buy a 1992 Ford Ranger extended cab 4.0 5-speed with the tow package 4.10 positraction he...
  7. stsalvage

    Wanted Speedometer cable needed

    ATP Y805 Info Length: 72"; Cruise Control this is for ranger. Quite looking for a Bronco 2 when it comes to parts when you're dealing with the 4.0 Don't go to the parts counter person and say you need a part for a 1990 4.0 Bronco 2 because you will have that person give you that blank stare...
  8. stsalvage

    Wanted 4.0 motor for my 88 Ranger

    You need to be looking for a 1991--92 Ford Explorer the whole engine bay with harness is the same as the Ranger If you can find a 19910092 Explorer with a 5-speed like this one it was 2-wheel drive. I paid 3500.00 for a crack block this truck was a find it only has 12,000 miles on it its all...
  9. stsalvage

    Wanted I need a 91 ranger wiring harness

    The harness you looking for is for the transmission right Not the engine harness. The 5-speed harness for 1990--92 rangers are sought after by so many people in the Bronco 2. I saw them go as much as 1000.00. Because all the guys are converting over to 4.0 from 2.9. this is from an automatic...
  10. stsalvage

    Found! '88 Ranger Intermittent Windshield Wiper Lever

    Is this what you looking for rock auto has if for 20.00 plus shipping
  11. stsalvage

    Wanted 91-94 Manual transmission for 3.0 V6

    I have the motor and the transmission from a 1991 3.0 5-speed only had 92,000 miles on it it was crashed from the front and the back on the freeway 13 years ago bought it for parts Never liked the 3.0 I'm more of a 4.0 fan myself but I do have motor and transmission complete from a single cab...
  12. stsalvage

    Wanted WANTED! 1988 Ranger XLT window runner ends

    can you provide a pic here is one I took and see if these are the parts you need I bought these off rockauto.com I think its been 4 years there for my dads 1992 red ranger
  13. stsalvage

    Found! 7-Wire (8-position) Round Connector BW1354 Electronic Transfer Case Motor

    look in RockAuto.com found a lot of connectors
  14. stsalvage

    Wanted Steel fuel line

    Look up Fine-lines https://www.sstubes.com Just bought some stainless likes for my 1972 Chevy truck from the tank to the carb 69.00 plus 20.00 shipped look them up
  15. stsalvage

    For Sale 1989-92 Ford Ranger / 1991--92 Explorer Brand new Negative battery cable for the 4.0 with lead battery end

    This is a hard battery cable to find for the Rangers and Ford Explorers from 1989--92 for rangers. Some of these were made for the Mazda 4.0 V6 engines they are brand new and are the factory cables. they have all the right connectors and ground bolts that attach to the Frame. These are a...
  16. stsalvage

    Supercab no back seat

    well, I have a 1991 ford ranger that has the 4.0 5 speed with 4.10 positraction with rear sway bar. I smoke most of the rangers off the line Love them 3.73 rangers think there fast But at 65 MPH there faster I run out of gear Put I can pull a tandem axle trailer where they can not Pulled this...
  17. stsalvage

    1989-94 frangers and 1991--94 ford explorers Heater contoller cables

    I have one for all your Ranger and Ford explorers mutts out there Why do all the Junk parks Cut the heater control cables? You know the mothers are not out there. I've looked for days trying to find the cables that connect to the controller I found 1. LMC use to sell them cus I have a 2008...
  18. stsalvage

    In need of help

    it sounds like he has a donor truck that has everything. Keep the donor truck and replace small things then move on to sliding the engine into place then take the engine harness out of the other truck. and transplant it into yours. then the fun part begins. Removing the dash and detecting the...
  19. stsalvage

    In need of help

    I believe so I have a friend that trying it now and not having much luck with his swap. Even tho you have the first year of this body I believe the harness did not carry over. I know the 4.0 will not work with the harness from a 2.9. Do whatever you can to take as many pictures. If you can take...
  20. stsalvage

    Autozone Distributors PSA

    I'm so glad I mess with the Coil packs they rarely go bad

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