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  1. 2.9 wiring question for 4.0 possible swap

    Good point maybe I will look at doing the mod of relocating it.
  2. 2.9 wiring question for 4.0 possible swap

    The pickup is cheap enough so yes agreed.
  3. 2.9 wiring question for 4.0 possible swap

    Thank you all for the replies back really helpful.
  4. 2.9 wiring question for 4.0 possible swap

    I will have to look into pricing if I am better off going through machine shop which is usually fair they do great work too. Yes I should have cleaned up those rockers because the lifters make some noise right at startup for just a second then goes away. this truck has held up pretty well...
  5. 2.9 wiring question for 4.0 possible swap

    Ok maybe I will just order a whole new distributor unless the pickup is cheap enough I didn’t replace the pickup but I did the tfi. No codes Thank you
  6. 2.9 wiring question for 4.0 possible swap

    I replaced the tfi module I believe beginning 2018. I will be checking into the capacitors along with a couple other areas. It’s weird it is not consistent when it acts goofy on me almost leaning towards something to do with o2 sensor it was replaced in 2018 (Bosch) maybe some wiring issue...
  7. 2.9 wiring question for 4.0 possible swap

    I am in Oregon, appreciate the reply yeah I know could do a good job wiring I don’t know I just feel like in my past life I had a bad experience with wiring or I don’t know I am not a fan. I have lots of 2.9 blocks I think 3 total and 2 sets of heads so I will just keep it stock for now. I...
  8. 2.9 wiring question for 4.0 possible swap

    Ok well maybe I will just keep the 2.9 I am not interested in a bunch of wiring. I had the A4ld transmission rebuilt so maybe it is better to keep it all original. I will probably order new cylinder heads off eBay although I may ask machine shop their price rates they were super fair last time...
  9. 2.9 wiring question for 4.0 possible swap

    I have a nice 88 ranger 130k miles but was considering 4.0 swap, I also have an 89 ranger parts truck not as nice condition with power distribution box and goodies. Would it be pain in the butt to utilize wiring from the 89 to put in my 88 for a 4.0 swap? I did a budget rebuild on the 2.9...
  10. A4ld interchangeable 88-89?

    Well turned out the parts truck transmission wasn’t in the best shape so I had the original rebuilt.
  11. A4ld interchangeable 88-89?

    I think I might be in business my 88 has 3 wire. I just need to inspect the 89 trans and if good swap the linkage off 88 on to 89 trans. Also saved some money making a transmission attachment from scrap I had.
  12. A4ld interchangeable 88-89?

    Well the pry bars were not working too well I made a couple of make shift tools out of what I had. I would suggest a long chisel with an opening big enough for linkage that would work better. Harbor freight stuff so no worries.
  13. A4ld interchangeable 88-89?

    Yeah that’s what I figured I will have to find out a way to not bend the bracket. I was trying to make a pickle fork out of scrap to remove and my crude attempt did not work. The donor I have is a column shift whereas my truck is a floor shifter that may be a problem.
  14. A4ld interchangeable 88-89?

    Does anyone have any tips separating shift linkage from bushings?
  15. A4ld interchangeable 88-89?

    Ok thank you
  16. A4ld interchangeable 88-89?

    I have an 88 2wd ranger with bad trans and a 89 2wd parts truck was wondering if I could just bolt that one in? Tag on 88’ 88GT-BAA. And 89’ 89GT-AAA anyone that knows I thank you in advance.
  17. 2.9 engine install

    Update! engine is still going strong for the last couple years I have a couple of wiring issues to sort out. I bought a parts vehicle with an A4LD to possibly rebuild might be attempting here sometime soon stay tuned.
  18. 2.9 engine install

    So update today I went to change the oil and it has been less than 100 miles and oil has far too many specs of metal in the oil drain pan than I would liked to have seen. No unusual noises coming from the engine it sounds great... but is this a false tale from what lies within. I do not have...
  19. 2.9 engine install

    So it has been a while since I posted but I have finally installed the 2.9 about a week ago. she is running great I Only need to chase down some exhaust leaks. I invested maybe 5-600 bucks and that’s including the machine shop fees and I guess I didn’t include the tool costs but hey I own...
  20. Cam Bearings Installation

    I received the tool the other day and put it to use. I started with bearing #1 I drove it out from the back of engine using the centering cone. I realized I was using the wrong rubber sleeve tore it on the #2 bearing, so I swapped it for correct rubber sleeve. I drove #2 and #3 from back as...

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