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  1. 95XL


    I'm not sure exactly what part no. you would need, but I know what the part you need is called. It's called a conversion joint, I had to buy one for when I swapped a D60 into the rear of my Ranger, and used the stock driveshaft. I would call your local driveline shop and tell them what sizes...
  2. 95XL

    heavy duty dodge front axle ?

    I've got one from a '94 2500 I'm in the process of stuffing under my Ranger. There is a kit to do away with the CAD vaccuum, it's cable operated from the cab (But I guess still considered CAD). The reasons I'm using it is because I got it for dirt cheap, it has the pumpkin on the driver's side...
  3. 95XL

    2002 F350 dana 60 question???

    I don't know if you're still looking to get that axle or not (I would), but I happened to stumble across this as I was reading my Diesel Power magazine. I was actually thinking about getting them for my super duty because my passenger side ball joints need replacing. I went to their website and...
  4. 95XL

    Lets See Your Flat Deck Pics!

    I'm looking to see what everyone has done to their Ranger's as far as Flat Decks/Beds. I'm converting my Ranger into a dually, and was going to modify my bed to have flared fenders, but I've recently decided that I would much rather have a "mini-hauler" type look. I want to have something...
  5. 95XL

    Front D60 Gear Question

    Ok, Thank You!
  6. 95XL

    Front D60 Gear Question

    I've got a D60 Front from a Dodge 2500 I'm going to be swapping into my Ranger, with the central axle disconnect instead of lockouts. It's low pinion, and I was just wondering what type of gears I need for it. Are they standard or reverse cut? Thanks.
  7. 95XL

    D60 Rear Swap, Driveshaft Length

    Ok, I just got done strapping a D60 in the rear of my Ranger, and thats as far as I've gotten so far, I went to see how the driveshaft looks for length and realized it needs to be shortened. I'm using a conversion joint for the U-Joint to go from the small Ranger joint to the larger D60 joint...
  8. 95XL

    9" yoke options

    ^+1! Thats what I'm going to be running to connect my D60 in the rear, until I swap in my diesel and then I'll have custom shafts made. I think the conversion joint I got was around $20-$30, right around what Dave was saying, so yeah, why not just buy 2?
  9. 95XL

    SAS leaf springs

    I've been researching around for a while on doing the exact same thing, and your method seems to be the most straight forward. My only question is, without mounting a reciever to the 3x3 tubing, is there a way to mount the stock bumper back in front of it? Or does it stick out too far?
  10. 95XL

    Mating Transfer Case to 2wd Tranny

    I'm trying to put together all the pieces to swap an Isuzu 4BT diesel into my Ranger. I've been over to the 4BD swaps forums, and there is a guy there that can mate a Dodge NV4500 5spd tranny to the bellhousing of the isuzu motors. The only problem is, the only 5spds at my local junkyards are...
  11. 95XL

    Painting Coil Springs

    I recently purchased a used set of fox shocks for my sled, and they came with the coil springs. The only problem is that the springs are purple, everything else on my sled is red or black. I want to re-paint them red, what is a decent bomb-can type paint that will hold up to the constant flexing...
  12. 95XL

    wheel adapters

    Yes they do. I believe they make them both ways, so, you could either stick with the 8 on 170 all the way around, or switch to 8 on 6.5 all the way around. Search around on Ebay, they have everything, even though most stuff is rediculously overpriced. Alaskan, it really isnt that hard of an...
  13. 95XL

    Dana 70 TTB?!?

    LoanRanger - I can't tell you what that number or mark is in the corner, cause I don't have the axle anymore, I sold it. Sorry. DirtSquirt - Well this axle the guy said came from a 1980 F-250, and he said the TTB D44 came from the same truck (I'm not even sure when they started using the TTB...
  14. 95XL

    SAS Leaf Spring Ques.

    I'm in the process of doing an SAS on my ranger, I've got a GM 10 Bolt from an '86 3/4 ton suburban. I want to go to a leaf sprung front end and was wondering what everybody else who is running front leaves used. I was thinking of going back to the yard and pulling the leaves out of the burban I...
  15. 95XL

    Flipping axle tubes?

    Well, I finally got it in my barn tonight, and tore the diff. cover off to see what it had in it for gears, and it has GM stamped in it all over the place, so uhh, yeah that pretty much ends my confusion. I thought I might have gotten lucky and found one with 4.10's in it (thats what I need)...
  16. 95XL

    Flipping axle tubes?

    Well, AKBronco had it right on the first guess. After taking a good look at it, the cover definitely looks like a 10 bolt. Here, Decide for yourself:
  17. 95XL

    Flipping axle tubes?

    Sunk, the cover looks like a Dana, but then again I haven't really paid attention to many diff. covers in my day, so I can't tell apples from oranges if I was gunna try and figure out what it is from that. AK, how can I be sure it's a 10 bolt? What is a good way to tell?
  18. 95XL

    Flipping axle tubes?

    Well, I went to the junkyard this weekend and pulled my axle. Only problem is, I don't know what it is.:dntknw: I pulled it from, I think, it was a '86 or '87 3/4 ton suburban. I'm pretty sure it isn't a Dana 60, the tubes are way smaller than the ones on the D60 rear that I have. I tried...
  19. 95XL

    Flipping axle tubes?

    Ahh, so many options now?!? Although they are all pretty decent ideas, I still like the idea of a soild axle tube for some reason. I may (depending on the condition of the axle/price of materials), replace both tubes with new DOM tubing for both lengths, or just flip the originals still. I was...
  20. 95XL

    Flipping axle tubes?

    Ummm...... Thank you for the advice AKBronco, but I would be much more comfortable knowing my truck was sitting on a one piece axle tube than one that has been patched together.

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