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  1. Albinomike757

    2.3L ('83-'97) No Crank No Start

    Good evening, So I was on my way to work and stopped to get dinner. When I came back to my truck it wouldn't start. I have headlights, tried jumping it, radio works. But it won't crank, I can't hear the starter, fuel pump, nothing. I know my starter was starting to go, but I would think I would...
  2. Albinomike757

    //Compatible years

    Hey! I know there's already a thread here someone started to have a running list of all the years that parts that are compatible, however I cannot find it again. 1. Does anyone know where it is? 😂 2. Can you save threads to find again later? 3. I have a 97 ranger, and I'm looking for new wheels...
  3. Albinomike757

    Hello! Re-new owner and already have questions.

    Hello, I used to own a '96 Ranger and sadly got rid of it. However, the beautiful day has come that I am a proud owner of a ranger again! I now own a '97 Ranger, and being from Ohio of course it has things that need some work. I have the opportunity to purchase a '99 as a parts truck for...

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