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  1. 4x4b2

    budget 86 ranger (lots of pics)

    hey guys i sold my 1988 b2, and got this 1986 ranger 4x4 for the amazing price of $1000. its got a professionally rebuilt hoped up 2.9 with a flex fan, cold air intake, aluminum radiator, hi compression pistons, and im not sure if its bored out or not. its got a 4 inch suspension lift, and a 3...
  2. 4x4b2

    must c, idk what this is

    ok ive never seen one of these before, until i was lookin on craigslist and saw this. is this stock, or custom? http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/cto/1813590854.html
  3. 4x4b2

    budget 88 b2 build

    hey guys ive had my b2 for about 3 months and i love this truck, im 15 its my first working truck and its so awesome. i know alot about mechanics but dont havee alot of cash so im trying to build this with the least amount of money possible. well i paid $200 for the truck, and have put about...
  4. 4x4b2

    check out my $200 1988b2

    here is my baby, i got it 3 weeks ago, and love it. it has a worn out 2.9 v6, 5 speed manual, manual transfer case, 31x10.50 tires, back cut off, and so much more. i am 15 and this is my project truck, and hell you cant beat the $200 price for a running and driving 4x4 :). these pics are from...

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